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All you need to know about maltodextrin and isomaltulose in Queal.

19th April 2019

After telling you all about the vitamins and minerals used in Queal meals the past two months, it’s now time to shift to the macronutrients again. More specifically, (part of) the complex carbohydrates present in your Steady shakes and Go bars. Since we shifted to our 5.0 recipe, the carbohydrates in Queal Steady come from a combination of oat flour, soy flour, isomaltulose and maltodextrin. The first two are covered in an ingredients post already, so now it’s time to cover all the what’s, how’s, why’s and where’s of the last two.

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How consuming Queal has an effect on your blood sugar level.

21st February 2019

Like every other food, Queal affects your blood sugar level. Moreover, food is the number one reason for fluctuations in blood sugar. In this blog, we will explain all about Queal’s Glycemic Index, sugar contents, where the carbs in Queal come from and how this can contribute to a more stable blood sugar level and eating habits.

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Let's talk about soy flour!

16th November 2018

It's time for one of our ingredient blogs again. Today, we'll tell you all about soy flour, which we use as one of our main ingredients. By reading this blog, you'll learn about what soy flour is and how we use it. Also, we'll explain why we have chosen to use it.

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Let's talk about whole grain oat flour!

6th October 2018

From today on, we’re going to share some interesting reads with you related to the ingredients in our products. We start off with whole grain oat flour, the main ingredient in our Steady shakes. Learn more about this ingredient, how we use it, and why we have chosen to use it as the basis of our recipes.

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