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The projects we've been working on in June.

11th July 2019

Next to experiencing a true heatwave here in the Netherlands, temperatures at the Queal HQ rose too as we worked very hard on a couple of nice projects. June was - among other things - the month of introducing our brand new Transparency Hub, starting the Limited Edition Design Contest and, unfortunately, we had some hiccups when it comes to the production of our bars.

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Agile Phase-Out.

20th June 2019

We're phasing out STEADY Agile over the coming months. We're doing this because the production costs and stock maintenance are not possible any more with a falling (relative) demand for the product line. In the blog we go deeper into the reasons, show what the vitamins and minerals would be on the alternative, a 4,3 scoop (per meal) Standard diet, and when we estimate we will run out of Agile completely.

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What we've been working on in May.

8th June 2019

Most of our time in May was spent on the preparations for our new Transparency Hub. Beside this, though, we’ve worked on making new videos for our Youtube channel, launched the Limited Edition contest and started sending out golden tickets. Also, we’ve been busy with improving our medium boxes. Curious about these topics? Then read on and discover what our May was all about.

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Introducing Queal Dog Chow.

26th March 2019

Our latest product is dropping at the beginning of April, Queal Chow for dogs.

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What we've worked on in the first month of 2019.

4th February 2019

After December’s “depression”, January is known to be a month where we see a lot of new customers entering the Complete Food market. Our New Year’s Packages appeared to be the perfect solution for kickstarting the new year, either for our most loyal customers or for new Quealers getting to know our products. We started 2019 with a bang and we’re happy to sum up everything in this blog to show you what happened with Queal.

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