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Our improvements and activities in 2018's festive month

11th January 2019

We have left the holidays behind us and, like the rest of the working world, we boot ourselves up - taking it easy. December is usually for us a quite uneventful month. But this year, it was far from quiet. Let’s guide you through our activities and improvements of last December.

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The positive impacts of a Queal diet on time-management and stress.

4th January 2019

With all negative (health) effects coming with being too busy and feeling stressed, we felt like telling you a bit more about how consuming Queal might help you out.

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November's company update - a busy month.

10th December 2018

The launch of our newest product Ready, hosting an info-table at the Rotterdam Venture Cafe and an important pricing update. Read on to discover what we did last month and what we're currently working on.

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The Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) and Queal meals.

29th November 2018

Did you know that RDI stands for Recommended Daily Intake? In this blog, you can read all about what it means and how it relates to your (Queal) diet.

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How consuming Queal can contribute to the freeing of agricultural land.

19th October 2018

A meat-based diet requires way more land, water, and energy than a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Due to this environmental impact, more and more people become interested in plant-based meals and proteins. Today we show what the impact is of replacing your meat-based meals with Queal, according to the usage of agricultural land.

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