This is what we improved in August.

September 5th 2019

We've launched the Nuts & Apricot bar last month. The new Limited Editions have been tested by the winners. And a new gift system is around the corner. This is our August 2019 update and a good end of the summer. We finally have new bars again and we also tasted the new Limited Editions second feedback round.

What did we do last month?

Second sample round Limited Edition Design Contest - All the contestant winners have gotten their second sample and at the end of this week we will have the final feedback done. Pure Passion, Peach Party and Glorious Ginger’s flavours have all been slightly updated and now the winners will get to choose between the different variations. Follow along on the Transparency Hub to get the first impression of their feedback.

Nuts & Apricot is here! - We're very glad that we finally have new bars. They are now even more convenient in the 50g packaging. Of course, at the second batch they will also have an awesome printed package. For now you will receive a flyer with every order. We love the bars already, and we hope you will too! Get them here.

Queal versus other foods comparison page - On the dashboard you can now compare your Queal meals to other quick meals. The comparisons range from a Potato Dish to Ham & Mushroom Tagliatelle. You can compare them to Steady, Ready, and Go. So check it out here.

What are our future plans?

In the upcoming weeks you can expect the following exciting things to happen: A new Gift system goes live (so it will be easier to select and get Queal gifts with your Queal Points), the Limited Editions will be given a release date, we will bring good new about the Dark Chocolate Go bars, and some of you will be able to test our app.

Did you know that we also have our Improvements Timeline? Here, you can find out about everything we've improved in the past as well as learn about our future plans! Awesome, right?

Visit the Improvements Timeline