This is what March 2019 was all about.

April 9th 2019

Most of the things we’ve been working on in March were our bigger, ongoing projects like improving the Queal User Dashboard, fine-tuning the vegan version of our Dark Chocolate GO bar and the development of an eco-friendly packaging. We’ll continue to work on these projects in April and will keep you up to date. Of course, though, March was about some exciting, smaller new things too. Want to know what was going on? Then read on!

What did we do last month?

A pancake-flavoured LE - Some of you already discovered that Queal also can be used as batter to make delicious and complete fluffy pancakes. In March, we’ve launched our first pancake flavoured Limited Edition; Buttermilk Blueberry Pancake! Are you going to try to bake yourself some Sunday morning breakfast? We still have plenty of this flavour in stock!

Queal Chow - At the end of March, we announced a new Queal product was coming; Queal Chow! Nutritionally complete meals for your dog. Some of the super enthusiastic dog lovers left their email addresses on the product page to stay updated about the launch on the 1st of April. Unfortunately for them, Queal Chow seemed to be this year’s April Fool’s joke!

Albert Heijn Product Pitch 2019 - From a group of 60 start-ups, Queal got selected to present READY to hundreds of Albert Heijn’s (a big Dutch and Belgian supermarket chain) employees at the headquarters of Ahold. At the Morning Market, the employees had the chance to prepare and try their own READY. We didn’t win the competition, but we’re really proud of our appearance that day and are happy Albert Heijn chose us to participate.

A new year's worth of Limited Editions - Last but not least, March was also the month in which we had a day in the lab planned to develop new Limited Edition flavours. A wide variety of new, exciting flavours will make their entrance in the upcoming months and, without telling too many details, there will be at least one vegan Limited Edition too! Keep your eyes on our newsletters and promotional campaigns to stay updated about these limited run flavours.

What are we currently working on?

Eco-friendly Packaging - We’re making progress on our eco-friendly packaging for STEADY! Our current pouches contain two different materials: plastic and aluminium. As we strive for as little environmental impact as possible, the new pouches will be entirely made of one material: PET 1 and suitable for 100% recycling. If everything in the process runs smoothly, the new pouches will be introduced during Q3 of this year.

What are our future plans?

The bigger projects - As mentioned in the intro of this post, most of the things we will be working on in April are the bigger, ongoing projects. If you want to know more about them per subject, then please follow these links: new and improved dashboard, word of mouth, vegan dark chocolate GO bars.

Thanks for reading! For an extensive overview of everything we’ve worked on, the things that currently keep us busy and our future plans our constantly updated Improvements Timeline is here for you!

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