5 reasons to pre-order Queal Ready.

November 16th 2018

Last week we’ve released the pre-orders for our newest product “Ready”, the world's first nutritionally complete oat meal. Ready is here to fix the gap between “complete foods” as we knew them so far (namely in the form of shakes, bars and RTD's) and “real foods”, as it’s chewable but still provides you with everything your body needs.

We’ve worked very hard on creating the perfect recipe and are enthusiastic about the eventual product we’ve announced. To kick-start Ready and offer the world's first consumers some great discounts, we’ve decided to hold pre-sales.

Pre-order Ready now

Some of our customers already claimed their offers, but we noticed others are still doubting. And we understand, as ordering a product you’ve never tasted before can be somewhat scary. Still, pre-ordering has some great benefits we don't want you to miss, that’s why we’ve formulated these “5 reasons why backing the pre-orders is exactly what you should do”.

  1. You’ll help unlock a second, very delicious flavour. We’ve set this goal at 5.000 meals sold, as at this point - production-wise - we’ll be able to introduce Ready with two flavours at once*. The flavour is already decided and although we want to keep it a secret, we can tell you this flavour is something really different and delicious.
  2. Such discounts are rare. Of course, when Ready will be in the regular assortment, you can still enjoy a subscription discount or get some price off with ordering a large amount. But these discounts are only valid for Ready pre-orderers, until November 29th.
  3. You can sit back and relax. If you’ve pre-ordered, we’ll take it from there. You’ll be the first to receive Ready mid-December and do not have to think about it anymore.
  4. Although it’s perfectly fine to have Steady day in, day out - because that’s what we’ve built the product for - we understand it’s nice to have something different now and then. Ready is an excellent alternative in form, as it's chewable and hot, but still provides you with the certainty of having a complete meal.
  5. Last but not least, pre-ordering could mean you’ll receive one or even two free extra single serve cups of Ready. After backing, you’ll have the possibility to social share your deed and if you do, the first free cup is earned.

*If the second flavour is unlocked, we will contact everybody that has pre-ordered to ask their flavour preferences. You will be able to choose any number from either flavour. E.g. if you ordered 12 cups, you could receive 7 of Berry Good, and 5 of the second flavour.

Convinced? Then head over to the pre-order page now!

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