Our newest product, Queal Chow, for your furry friend is set to launch beginning of April 2019!

March 26th 2019

Over the past year we've been hard at work developing a new product. We're now ready to unveil: Queal Chow: A complete meal for your dog.

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What is Queal Chow?

Made with wholesome, human-grade ingredients, Queal Chow is a vegetarian, sustainable, and healthy new meal for your best quadrupedal friend!

Just as complete as any other Queal meal, now in pellets so your dog can enjoy an awesome meal too.

Chow has been developed by carefully studying the nutritional needs and flavour preferences of dogs. Unlike other dog food, Queal Chow is developed with whey protein (vegetarian, not vegan) instead of unsustainable chicken or beef. The flavour comes from the 4 vegetables (brocolli, carrots, green peas, and pumpkin) that make up 25% of the total ingredients by weight.