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What we've accomplished in February 2019.

15th March 2019

A short month doesn't mean fewer things happened. Among other things, we have been able to launch our #quickie campaign, improve the Quealbot and lower the shipping costs for a few countries. Curious about all of our improvements in this month and the things we'll keep on working on in March? Then continue reading!

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Our newest Limited Edition Walnut Wonder is now available!

6th March 2019

Great, a brand new Limited Edition is now available in our webshop. Walnut Wonder is sweetish, delicate and well... nutty!

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Food innovations that will help you raise your veggie intake, without even noticing.

1st March 2019

Vegetables are and have always been an important part of nutrition. They’re packed with a lot of valuable nutrients, are high in fibre, low in fats and can be surprisingly high in protein. Still, though, many people struggle with consuming enough vegetables. The reason for this can vary from person to person, but ignorance and poor eating habits, in general, are great driving factors. Then, some people - also the ones who do know about the importance - simply do not like the taste of vegetables and therefore struggle to consume them.

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How consuming Queal has an effect on your blood sugar level.

21st February 2019

Like every other food, Queal affects your blood sugar level. Moreover, food is the number one reason for fluctuations in blood sugar. In this blog, we will explain all about Queal’s Glycemic Index, sugar contents, where the carbs in Queal come from and how this can contribute to a more stable blood sugar level and eating habits.

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Let's talk about essential vitamins!

15th February 2019

What vitamins are needed to make a meal nutritionally complete? And what are their functions? In this ingredients post, you can read more about all the essential vitamins present in our complete shakes, bars and instant oatmeal.

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