Hi there! My name is Laurens, one of the employees here at Queal. At age 13, I was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus Type I, drastically changing my life. Living with diabetes is a challenge. Being aware of everything you eat and drink, counting carbs, calculating the amount of insulin you need… these are a few of the daily issues I come across. As many of us (not solely diabetics) experience issues with a healthy diet, I thought of sharing my story.


Loving a flexible, day-to-day life, I had a hard time getting a stable blood glucose. My blood results were ‘’okayish’’. Never life threatening, but worrisome at times. Every doctor’s advice is the same: you should live a more structured life. But being young isn’t about structure, it’s about experiencing new and exciting stuff!

The problem here is, that it is hard to figure out exactly what and how much we eat. Even a simple breakfast of 2 slices of bread comes with complicated calculations. What kind of bread are you eating? What do you put on it? What kind of carbs are these? Are they fast-acting or slower-acting? And most important for me: how should I program my insulin pump and how do I make sure I don’t experience a too low or high blood glucose?


This is where Queal came in for me. I heard about Queal from a friend (who founded the company) and got interested. I had to overcome a huge deal of skepticism first because I had no experience with any powdered food, but I decided to try it out. Queal is a quick, tasty and complete meal. This means you can substitute every meal you like with Queal. The idea is that 3 meals of Queal provide you with 100% of your daily needs in nutrition. So no worries about vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Queal provides everything.


Personally, I prefer a quick and tasty breakfast and lunch, so I tried it out. Knowing exactly how many carbs Queal contained, I was able to adapt my amount of insulin accordingly. Wanting a second opinion, I went to my dietitian. She was very open to the idea of powdered food and, even though she had never heard of Queal, she liked it and supported using it. After a while, I found out my blood glucose levels were more stable than before. Moreover, my energy levels rose as a result of having a more stable diet. Still living the flexible, day-to-day life, I found a way to bring stability and healthiness into my eating habits.


Why the story? Because I believe in the mission of Queal. I really think everyone can benefit from having a stable diet and knowing exactly what they eat. That means not only people with diabetes or other health issues benefit from eating Queal, everyone can! I hope the story lifts a point of critique for powdered foods. Not everyone likes powdered foods, not everyone is open to it, but (partly) substituting your meals provides you with so much insight and understanding of your body and health. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on that opportunity! That’s why I want people to know about the possibilities Queal provides them.

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