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Forget Whey shakes, use Queal Athletic instead

Update: Since March 2016 our Active™ version has been renamed (and has an updated recipe) to Queal Athletic


Since the ’70s whey protein powders have garnered a continuously rising surge of popularity. This has not been without reason; proteins are great for building muscle. Traditional whey shakes have a downside to them, they lack vitamins, minerals, and fibres, all things you also need every day. Queal Athletic brings you the solution – it is both high in protein and has all the necessary micro- and macro-nutrients you need.

Queal Athletic is different from traditional whey shakes because it fuels your whole body. With a 50-30-20 balance of carbs-proteins-fats you will both have enough energy to keep going and protein to build on. Where whey shakes most probably will leave you hungry for food right after your workout again, Queal Athletic includes slow carbs and enough fibres to keep you from overeating. One last difference is the need for extra supplements. Next to whey protein you may need to take vitamins and add milk to your shake. Queal Athletic already has the vitamins you need and all you need to add is water.


Why Queal Athletic?

“Why not normal Queal,” you may ask yourself? Queal Athletic is designed especially for people who work out regularly. In our recipe we have substituted some of the fats for extra protein, giving your muscles everything they need. One other advantage is the ease of making Queal Athletic, you only need to bring a shaker with some powder – no oil needed. Queal Athletic is a replacement for one or two meals per day, preferably taken 60-30 minutes before a workout.


To start with Queal Athletic will launch with two flavours (Super Strawberry and Crazy Chocolate Peanut). Queal Active contains 720 kcal (2160 per 3 meals).


Update: Queal Athletic now comes in all our flavours!


Some Combinations!

Lastly, we have some tips for combining your Queal Athletic with:

– banana, get some extra potassium and energy

– creatine, one of the few supplements over which most experts agree it is beneficial

– frozen fruits, sometimes you can use that bit of extra sugar, why not make it healthy!

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