Queal Vegan Steps

Queal Vegan

Il modo più semplice per mangiare vegano.
Goditi i pasti completi in uno shake.
Buono per gli animali, buono per l'ambiente.

Ingredienti comuni, pasti straordinari.

La farina d'avena scozzese è la base di Queal Vegan. Isomaltulosio (da barbabietole), la maltodestrina (dal mais), riso e proteine di alta qualità e farina di soia sono gli altri ingredienti principali.

Ogni sacchetto contiene 3 pasti e ogni pasto è nutrizionalmente completo. Per completare ogni pasto, abbiamo aggiunto 26 vitamine e minerali. Basta aggiungere acqua e sei a posto.

  • Ad alto contenuto di proteine Yeah
  • Senza lattosio (100% vegano) Awesome
  • Fonte di fibra Yum

Queal Vegan Bags Transparant


Il nostro Queal più ecologico.
Ogni pasto (3 per sacchetto) è fatto di 700 gustose calorie.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Il nostro mix proteico è composto da 50% di proteine di piselli e 50% di proteine del riso. Non utilizziamo proteine del siero di latte in Queal Vegan (né altri prodotti con una fonte animale).
  1. Mix together ~350ml water with 1/3rd bag of Queal Vegan.
  2. Shake (free shaker provided with first order) or blend..
  3. Enjoy
(optional) Let it sit in the refrigerator for 1 hour or more for the best taste.
Delicious! Ok, we might be a bit biased here.
Our shakes have been described as very smooth, creamy, and full of flavour.
Each flavour is different most people order all in the first order, and then stick to 3 or 4 favorite flavours (different flavours coming soon if Vegan is popular).
You can possibly also taste the oats and soy a little bit.
Queal provides 100% of the RDA/RI of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, it's easy to prepare and it has a long shelf life. Eating Queal has less impact on the environment than eating meat because it uses fewer resources (both in production and zero-waste) and it is affordable (about €1,33 per 400kCal).
That is completely up to you.
It is safe to replace all three meals with Queal and drink it 3 times a day, as there are no known health risks.
If you don't want to replace all your meals with Queal, you can also just replace your breakfast when you want to save time.
If you have a subscription you can change the amounts every month if you want to.
It is completely safe and normal to use Queal next to your traditional meals.
The Best-Before date is 12 months, but Queal should last at least 24 months when unopened and stored in a cool, dark, and dry place.
If the bag is opened in a dry place, the best-before date doesn't change. Just be sure to properly close the bag again!
If mixed with water Queal is good for several hours at room temperature and a day and a half in the fridge.
Compared to eating a meat-based diet, Queal is much more sustainable.
Most ingredients are sourced in The Netherlands or neighbouring countries.
See how you are having a positive impact on the environment in your personal dashboard.
Made with  in Rotterdam.
Shipping Worldwide.