How to prepare yourself a healthy meal when you don't feel like it?

January 11th 2019

So you’ve worked all day, had multiple (boring) meetings, already ordered unhealthy food for lunch and just crashed on the couch, exhausted. You know you still have to cook yourself a proper dinner, especially after all those pre-prepared meals you’ve had this past week. But you do not feel like it, not at all.

A real struggle.

What do others eat when they feel like they’re just too tired or lazy to cook, you ask yourself. How do people manage to eat healthy when they’re so busy, especially when living on their own. You quickly search the internet for a throw together recipe with whatever is left in your pantry, but end up only more frustrated and hangry.

One more take-away? No, not again. You made yourself a promise to stop eating that overpriced crap. You really want to change your diet, but simply are too busy to eat healthy.

Recognizable? You’re not alone.

The above struggles are one of the main reasons we started Queal. As young professionals ourselves we noticed that a fast-to-prepare meal was either cheap but crappy or somewhat healthy but extremely overpriced. We wanted something quick but nutritional, something tasty, a meal that would be filling but doesn't make you go broke.

And guess what? It’s here now!

We took a dive into the concept of so-called complete foods and developed our own, healthy solution for moment on which you’re out of time, or simply do not feel like cooking. Our quick and balanced Queal meals, in the form of shakes, bars and instant oatmeal, are perfect for every moment of the day. They’re rich in fibres, high in protein and contain all essential vitamins and minerals the body needs. No more breakfast preparations the night before, expensive lunches at the office or cooking when you’re finally arriving home, just healthy food prepared in 30 seconds or less.

Curious? Go take a look at our complete foods product line-up. Want to know more? On this page you can find all of the answers to your questions about complete foods.

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