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New complete meal shakes full of protein and fibre

A recent study has concluded that weight loss bars and weight loss shakes are often full of sugar.

The study claimed that these kinds of bars and shakes are very unbalanced nutritionally and that a Weight Care (330ml) drinkable meal, for example, has more sugar than two glasses of Coke. Furthermore, out of the shakes that were tested, only 7 out of the 31 contained enough protein (20 grams).

What about complete meal shakes?

Compared to traditional weight loss shakes, complete meal shakes are very nutritionally balanced.

  • There are only 8,3 grams of sugar in every meal (per 700 calories).
  • The amount of fibre is higher, with each meal containing 14,3 grams.
  • The amount of protein is also double the minimum requirement, at 49,2 grams per meal.

What are the differences?

Traditional weight loss shakes aim to provide people with as few calories as possible, while at the same time giving the sensation of satiety. In order to achieve this, weight loss shake producers have added high amounts of sugar, which results in quick bursts of energy.

Queal, and other comparable shakes have more of an emphasis on providing complete meals. Due to the fact that our shakes contain enough calories, the majority coming from oats, you automatically feel full. And that means no added sugars are necessary!


What are your experiences with meal replacement shakes? Full of sugar, or just full?

Floris Wolswijk

MSc in Industrial & Organisational Psychology. Floris has started two companies before. In his student life, he was President of his Study Association and Director of a Student Strategy Consultancy. He participates in obstacle runs and has energy for two. Getting the right things done is what he gets up for in the morning.

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