Queal comes in three main dietary varieties.

Here’s the differences between the three!

Queal Standard


This is the ‘normal’ version of Queal. It is the perfect nutrition solution for the average adult. Balanced nutrition with at least 33% of all essential nutrients per 700kcal meal.


It’s made from oats, corn, soy, milk, and other natural ingredients. We add a custom blend of vitamins and minerals to make it complete.

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Queal Standard is the perfect quick meal for most people

Queal Lite


With a 15% reduction in calories, Queal Lite is the perfect meal for you when you need a little less. If you are smaller, want to have a lighter meal or are trying to lose weight, Queal Lite can assist you.


The proportions of oats, corn, soy, milk, and other natural ingredients is different from the Standard variant. The idea behind this is that the balance of slow- and fast carbohydrates ensures a full and energized feeling over a long period of time after drinking Queal Lite.

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Queal Lite, perfect for when you need a little less

Queal Athletic


The mix for Queal Athletic is proportionally higher in whey protein (proteins). We also use a slightly different vitamin mix to make sure you still get 100% of all essential nutrients per 3 meals.


With more than 30 grams of protein per 100 grams of Queal Athletic, it’s perfect as a pre- or post-workout shake. Not heavy on the stomach, and an excellent source of quick energy, with a sustaining high level of energy for hours after drinking.

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Queal Athletic is complete and high in protein



With at least 20% of your daily recommended amount of everything, the WundrBar is the ideal solution for complete nutrition on-the-go.


From a complete nutritional profile and delicious dark chocolate+hazelnut or white chocolate+vanilla taste to added vitamins and natural ingredients, WundrBar makes your day greater.

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WundrBar is your meal on-the-go!

Whichever variation you choose…

There are many delicious flavours to choose from.
And we often have special limited edition flavours!

From Apple Pie to Chocolate, and from Pineapple to Cheesecake. You’ll never run out of new flavours to try.

Queal is made for everyone.
Tens of thousands have gone before you!

But if you have an allergy to soy, gluten, or eggs, a lactose intolerance, or special dietary needs, please consult your doctor before consuming Queal.