We’ve changed our brand design.

Almost 4 years ago, Onno & Floris started Queal. From nearly the beginning, the hummingbird was the reflection of our brand. Over the years the bird did change a bit, but there were no big shifts in our branding.

The vision of Queal as a company has always stayed the same. But as time has passed, our voice and identity has evolved. We felt it was time for a new fresh look and feel. From today onward, some major changes will be made in our digital and physical branding.

We killed the bird.

To make our company logo stand out more and be instantly recognisable, we've decided to get rid of the bird and make the logo more minimalistic. This wing will be the basis of every product design and shall be integrated in all brand expressions.


New product names.

Until now, our products were all called Queal, with the bars and nootropic having a 'sub-name'. Our powders, bars, and nootropics will now listen to the following product names, respectively; Steady, Go, and Flow. And surprise, surprise, we’re working to give substance to 'Ready' in the not-too-distant future.


Our powder has always worn the name 'Queal', but the more our product line-up expanded, the more we wanted to put them in the spotlight individually. We decided to mention our overarching company name less prominently, and dive into separate product names.

At Queal, we want to make lives more healthy and effective with our offering of products. Starting off with 'Go', we connected the dots with 'Ready' & 'Steady'. We hope our products help you get ready for your day and make the best out of it.


Our powder is our flagship product. Convenient, easy to prepare and suitable to bring with you anywhere. For most customers it's a part of their daily routine to make sure they have a fundamental base for good nutrition.


Go is your nutritionally complete meal for on the go. A small lunch or big healthy snack, each bar has 1/5th of the recommended daily intake of macro- and micronutrients. Coincidentally, 'go' means five in Japanese!

Our previous bars, the WundrBars, will disappear very soon. The last batch is currently sold here at a significant 30% discount.


We’re introducing a new nootropic supplement called 'Flow'. A stack of several natural ingredients, to get you in the flow state. Experience the perfect balance between focus and satisfaction while finishing your tasks at work.

If you are familiar with Boost; Flow is a drastically improved variant. It has a greatly improved mixability, and a tasty fizzy-drink Raspberry flavour. This allows you to easily mix it with water as a standalone booster.


We’re currently in our R&D phase to give substance to Queal Ready. It will be another nutritionally complete meal, but even easier to prepare than Steady. Please be aware, Ready will not be a so-called 'RTD' pre-mixed 'Ready-to-drink'. If you're curious what Ready will be, keep an eye on your Queal dashboard and on our Queal Forum. We're hoping to receive plenty of feedback on our various avenues of research. We assure you it's gonna be awesome!

From today, until summer, changes will be made and the transition will be noticeable.
Take a look at what changes you can expect, in the timeline below.

April 30th

Digital transformation.   June 3rd

Starting today, our website, social media accounts, and emails will have a new look. The bones of our website and colour pallete remain, but some small changes will stand out.

May 21st

Booklet & stickers.   May 21st

We’ve made an awesome new booklet design which will be sent out with every first order and Taste Tester from the beginning of June. The booklet can be folded out into a minimalist poster showcasing our sleek new logo. Also, there will be some cool sticker sheets to collect, with every order!

June 4th

Shakers.   June 4th

Our standard Queal shaker will be available in two colours; teal and orange. Also, these shakers will have the new Queal logo on it and the familiar text “I'm one easy meal”. Additionally, there’s a premium shaker on its way! We will be the only company in The Netherlands that sells them.

July 31st

Boxes.   July 31st

Significant physical improvements are being implemented in the box designs. We change from landscape to portrait design, with a fully printed outside (and on the inside too for the smallest box). You can expect the new boxes along with your orders by early July.

July 24th

Bags.   July 24th

From the middle of July onward, the Standard, Agile, Vegan, and Limited Edition pouch-designs will be updated. Athletic will follow some time later.

Unfortunately, the transition from our current pouches to the new ones isn't seamless. Therefore, some flavours/diet-types will temporarily come in the familiar stickered white pouch throughout May, June, July and August.

Rebranding complete!