You're now on Pietje's Environmental Effects page. These are the effects because Pietje uses Queal, a complete (and very sustainable) meal.

38 m2 agricultural land freed

Did you know that thirty percent of the Earth’s entire land surface – a massive 70% of all agricultural land – is used for rearing farmed animals. Livestock farming is essentially inefficient as mammals in particular are inefficient converters of feed to meat.

Pietje uses Queal to replace some meals that are usually meat-based protein-intake with plant-based, and whey-based protein. This is a much more efficient way to produce proteins. The recipe of Queal is such, that you still get all the required amino-acids and micronutrients required, despite this radical change in dietary intake.


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19.755 litres water saved

One of the largest uses of viable drinking water is the meat-industry. For example: To produce one kilogram of beef requires a whopping 15.415 litres of water! Queal is vegetarian, so by replacing meals that normally include meat, you're inadvertently saving a lot of water!

29 kg of CO2 reduction

Relative to the average diet and foods, Queal is extremely efficient. Did you know on average 40% of all food produced is thrown away at some stage in the production cycle. A large portion of this is perfectly good food, but not consumed due to inefficient economies or logistics, overzealous purchasers, or overcritical sellers.

0,24 barrels of oil saved

Only 4% of global oil production is used for plastics. However, it's still an inefficient use of a non-renewable resource. Food packaging is the largest portion of household waste. In Europe, the average person creates approximately 150kg of packaging waste per year, solely in food-packaging. Queal massively reduces plastic- and household waste with its extremely efficient packaging.


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Queal is a complete meal that helps you eat right at every moment. It’s a complete food made from oats, soy, corn, proteins (whey or vegan), vegetable oils, and added vitamins & minerals. For every busy, on-the-go, or lazy moment, you can count on a convenient, customizable, and sustainable meal.

No fuss. No worries. Just healthy food in a shake.

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Queal and the Environment

Drinking Queal has a positive effect on the world around us! These statistics show how Pietje significantly decreased the environmental footprint compared to the average consumer.

At Queal we believe in a sustainable world were we try actively to limit the negative impact that we have. Where possible we recycle and use the inputs as efficiently as possible. We are proud of what our customers have accomplished and hope to do even better in the future.

At this point, Queal customers all together have freed approximately 1.183.345 m2 of agricultural land by replacing their meat-based meals with Queal products. That's 237 soccer fields, or a bit more than the total surface area of Hong Kong.

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Get smart about your complete food habits.

Changing the way you eat has more impact than you would think. When you order Queal, you gain access to your personal Dashboard. It shows what impact your Queal use has on your health, wealth, and environmental footprint. Compare with friends, earn points and level up.

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