More than only protein. A complete meal for athletes!


Slow and fast carbohydrates (50%),protein (30%) and fat (20%). Plus all essential vitamins & minerals.


As a snack, meal, pre- or post-workout, Queal Athletic can be used whenever you want. You decide how much you take.


Never get bored with a choice of Smooth Vanilla to Cool Chocolate. New flavours updated regularly.


Used by top athletes from Renzo Gracie Holland, Oxford Rowing Club and Apec. BRC, IFS, ISO 9001:2008 certified.


Queal Athletic creates more power for athletes.


What if you got all nutrients a top-performer needs? What if you could combine both slow and fast carbs with enough protein? And what if you could make this as tasty as can be? That is what Queal Athletic provides you with. Our shakes are a complete meal that helps you to perform at your highest. We use natural ingredients like oats, soy, and whey protein to make Queal. Wherever needed we add some vitamins to make sure you get 100% of every nutrient. Queal creates more power for athletes!


Queal sponsors three diverse top-tier athletic teams.


Performing to the best of your abilities is what we are all about. For the three teams we sponsor, we help them get the most out of their mind and body. You need endurance in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Rowing, and E-sports. Click on the teams to get introduced to them.

Queal Sponsorship Renzo Gracie Holland
Queal Sponsorship Oxford University Light Weight Rowing Club
Queal Sponsorship Almost Perfect eSports Club
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