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Queal: The Future of Food

"The future of food is food." That's what Revolution's CEO Steve Case mentioned in his article about Soylent last year. He stated that Soylent might only be the future of food for some 'Valleyites'. I disagree with his statement. In this blog, I'll explain why...

No more calories to count

Meal replacement shakes can help you losing weight because they provide all nutrients you should be consuming in a meal, they are full of protein, they can support you in reducing calorie intake and they're very convenient.  No more calories to count? Last week, evidence-based Authority Nutrition website published...

Manganese Nutrient

Manganese – The Co-Factor Mineral

Hello awesome person! Another month has come and gone. Today I’d like to talk about Manganese. I have received an interesting question from a couple customers regarding Manganese, and because the answer is both extensive and interesting, I thought it’d warrant a science-y blog-post!   Manganese is...


Riboflavin – The Yellow Vitamin

Riboflavin, or formally Vitamin G Riboflavin is also known as Vitamin B2, Vitamin G, or Lactoflavin. The name Riboflavin comes from "ribose" (the sugar where it's structure comes from) and "flavin" (which is a 'ring-moiety' which actually is yellow coloured). If you see a vitamin supplement that...