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Athletic Series: Queal Fuels Your Game

The Biggest Upset of the Year   Source: The Guardian I recently watched the rerun of one of the biggest upsets in the history of MMA, UFC 196. I expected MMA superstar and Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor to bring home a huge victory over Nate Diaz. Unfortunately, he lost...

Support Lifestyle Queal Header

How Queal Supports Your Lifestyle!

No matter what you spend your days on, 9-5 behind the computer, working out or coding away. Queal is here to make your life even more convenient. We've outlined three ways regular customers can enjoy Queal to support their lifestyle!   1. Cody - Non-stop coding and pizzas   Web development...

Forget Whey Shakes Protein Header

Forget Whey shakes, use Queal Athletic instead

Update: Since March 2016 our Active™ version has been renamed (and has an updated recipe) to Queal Athletic   Since the '70s whey protein powders have garnered a continuously rising surge of popularity. This has not been without reason; proteins are great for building muscle. Traditional whey shakes have...