Queal Steady 5.0 is on the horizon.

Over the coming months, our flagship powder Queal Steady will experience an update in recipe. The change-over will occur gradually. On this page you can read, and keep track of, when each flavour and diet-type of Steady switches over.

When can I expect the new recipe?

Not all flavours and diet types are switched over at the same time. While some will almost immediately be replaced, other may remain the 4.0 recipe for a few more months. This is for production streamline purposes. Below you'll find a handy overview for when you can expect which flavour to change over!

How can I know if I got 5.0?

First of all, we'll do our best to add a Steady 5.0 badge to any product once it has switched over to Steady 5.0. That way you can know if/when you're buying the new recipe. However, because of how quickly our inventory moves sometimes, this isn't a guarantee.

The easiest way to identify what Steady recipe you have received, is to look at the bag.

  • Fully printed pouches, with the recently replaced Queal hummingbird logo, are Steady 4.0.
  • White (blank) pouches with a sticker, are Steady 5.0.
  • Fully printed pouches with the new logo, expected to arrive in July, will also only contain Steady 5.0.

Will it be more expensive?

Nope! We have no plans of changing the price any time soon.

Wait, there's a new recipe?

Yeah, sorry, we assumed you knew! Click the buttons below to learn more.