We help improve food habits and support healthy and sustainable lifestyles by providing smart and accessible nutrition. In this way, we empower our customers to make conscious and informed choices.

Impact of Queal.

What drives us to do good business, every day.

Empower customers to live sustainable lifestyles


Provide information to make conscious food choices


Make smart and nutritious meals easily accessible

Meet the Team.

Floris Wolswijk
Founder / CEO

Onno Smits
Founder / COO

Happiness Manager

How it all began

Born out of frustration with the lack of a simple and quick meal that also was healthy, Onno and Floris, the founders of Queal, thought that something like this should be possible. Over the summer of 2014, we did a lot of research and came to the conclusion that a complete nutritious shake could be made. During the research we found out that people in the USA were already working on it, namely Rob Rhinehart with his product Soylent. But he had not only created a great product, he built a community of people who wanted to make the shakes available for everyone.

In Europe however, there was no possibility to get Soylent and not yet that many interested people. We set out to change that and bring complete drinkable meals (powdered food/soylent) to Europe. With a true start-up mentality, we incorporated Queal in August of 2014.

The beginning months were dedicated to getting the recipe just right, talking to customers and generally working our butts off. Our production started in a small in-house facility (lab suits and all, Dutch FDA authority compliant), and has been transferred to a production partner (IFS, BRC, ISO9001:2008 certificates) to keep up with demand.

Service and product quality were the two things we’re going to focus on. From the start, we’ve kept up with demand and prevented long backlogs. Every email that comes in is answered within one day. Queal has moved from version 1.0 to 5.0 over the last few years and it is now better than ever.

Our team started with the two founders that you can find here on the team page. We work together with an amazing team for marketing, customer service, and business development. Of course, we also work closely with nutritional experts and our business partners.

In the future, we will continue growing and help develop the powdered foods market. We are proud to be nr 1 in customer service and product quality. In the next few years, we aim to keep on growing and become the nr 1 in Europe in terms of sales too.

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In the past six years, we have sold over 5 million meals. Made for - and co-created by - our customers all over the world. Are you ready to become a Quealer?