Queal – Optimal nutrition for a better you!

Meal replacement shakes (also known as soylent) are shaping the future of food. They combine the nutritional value of traditional food with the convenience and speed of fast food. Queal sells quick, tasty, & balanced food across Europe.


We offer people a way to eat healthy on the go. Sleep for 15 minutes longer and drink a shake on your commute to work. Or take a bar before you hit the gym. You can even take 3 shakes a day and skip the pizza other unhealthy food.


Queal is an all-in shake or bar that contains all the nutritional value a person needs per day (the recommended daily amount, RDA). These include at least 100% of vitamins and minerals, and also a carefully configured mix of proteins, carbohydrates, and essential fats. 1/3rd per shake, 1/5th per bar.


With Queal, you will never be hungry again. A near-perfect mix of fibres and slow & fast carbohydrates keeps you going all day. And for everyone, there is a different shake. Replace 1, 2 or 3 meals per day, lose or gain weight, support your activities in the gym, it’s all possible.

1 Million Meals by 2016

Since its inception in mid-2014, Queal has been steadily been growing. With orders from Sweden through to Spain, we sell shakes to the whole of Europe. We’ve reached our goal of selling 1 million meals by 2016.


Queal is founded by two entrepreneurial graduates from the Erasmus University and takes a scientific approach to food. Together with nutritionists and other experts, our aim is to make people eat healthier.


We know that people love to cook, that dinners are social events, and that living on shakes can be boring. But we also know that people love convenience and that most convenient meals aren’t that healthy. Therefore we provide people with a quick meal – giving you back your time and health to do meaningful things.

Previous Media Appearances

We love to tell our story. Here are two of our previous appearances.

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“I’m a student currently working on my Master’s degree in Business Administration. I like how using Queal has reduced the hassle and distractions of cooking, cleaning, and going to the grocery store.”
– Jakob, Denmark


“Using Queal to replace my breakfast and lunch has made it a lot easier to keep track of my calorie intake. I also feel full for longer, which has reduced my snacking habit. I’ve been very happy with the results so far.”
– Paul, United Kingdom


“I’m a consultant at a large firm. Lunch is always a bother for me, taking up quite some time. I don’t have that time, as I would rather work efficiently so I can get back to my daughter before the day is over. Queal solves this problem for me.”
– Anneke, The Netherlands


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