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Optimal nutrition for a better you.

Through combining the nutritional value of traditional food and the convenience and speed of fast food, ‘complete food’ is shaping the future. Healthy meals without giving up on your time and vice versa. Together with nutritionists and an amazing community, our aim is to make people eat healthier and more efficiently.

Queal, a portmanteau of Quick and Meal, was founded by two entrepreneurial graduates from the Erasmus University. It takes a scientific approach to food. We were the first of Europe to sell these kinds of quick and complete meals, with such a diverse product range.

Nowadays, we sell worldwide and help lots of people to save time, money and effort while not missing out on proper nutrition. With over two million meals sold already, we’re working to change the quick-meal-game forever!

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More about our products.

Our current product range consists of Steady (shakes), Go (bars) and Flow (a nootropic supplement). Respectively, we’re working to give substance to ‘Ready’ in the not-too-distant future. Each of these products are in line of where Queal stands for: providing in efficiency, convenience and health. Yet, they also have their separate benefits.

Steady is our flagship product. Convenient, easy to prepare and suitable to bring with you anywhere. Steady is nutritionally complete, which means that one shake contains 1/3rd of all nutritional value a person needs per day (the recommended daily amount, RDA). These include at least 100% of vitamins and minerals, and also a carefully configured mix of proteins, carbohydrates, and essential fats.

Go is our nutritionally complete meal for on the go. A small lunch or big healthy snack, each bar has 1/5th of the recommended daily intake of macro- and micronutrients. Coincidentally, 'go' means five in Japanese.

Flow is our nootropic supplement: a stack of several natural ingredients, to get you in the flow state. Flow lets you experience the perfect balance between focus and satisfaction, helping people getting more done.

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More about Queal & sustainability.

Our current food system isn’t sustainable. There is food inequality, excessive waste, and the healthier option is almost always more expensive. With Queal we want to make a positive change towards sustainability. We strive for a 0% waste, 100% recyclable, quick and healthy meal.

Choosing Queal means making a great leap in living more environmentally conscious without necessarily noticing it. Our regular products are vegetarian, and we recently launched our Vegan line of shakes for those fully committed to eating animal-free. Also, we source 90% of ingredients from neighboring countries, thus not wasting resources on global transportation.

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More about Queal & health.

Economic development led to changes in lifestyles, including more reliance on processed foods or out of home meals: often the wrong kinds of food in terms of health. To make sure your body gets exactly what it needs, you either need to have a lot of time, a specific interest in healthy food or both.

Queal fixes this problem by providing people with confidence in terms of maintaining their recommended daily intake and saving them from worrying about their diets.

The building blocks of Queal are all natural ingredients most people are familiar with: Oats, beets, corn, soy, milk, and sunflower oil combined into a fine powder. Next to a healthy ratio in macro-nutrients, we’ve added a custom micronutrient blend to ensure each meal meets 33% of the recommended daily intake.

Next to our standard recipe for Steady, we also have Agile (fewer calories), Athletic (more protein) and Vegan (the most environmentally friendly meal you can get) as versions.

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More about customizing your Queal.

Queal is made to replace any meal, but not necessarily every meal. Imagine grabbing a shake as an alternative for an on-the-go meal, an easy breakfast, or lunch when you have a busy schedule.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to eat one, two or three meals of Queal. You can follow the instructions for the amounts of scoops, or use more or less.

We know that people love to cook, that dinners are social events, and that living on shakes can be boring. But we also know people love convenience and that most convenient meals aren’t that healthy. Therefore, we provide people with a quick meal – giving you back your time and health to do meaningful things.

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More about the Queal Dashboard.

Queal-customers have the exclusive ability to track the health-, wealth- and environmentally effects of their use in a fun way through our dashboard.

Next to gaining insight, the Queal dashboard and forum are also used to discuss subjects connected to our brand or products and other relevant topics.

Last but not least, because we love our customers and like to give them something in return: participating through the dashboard and/or forum is a fun way to earn badges, Queal point or free gifts.

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