Ready: Complete instant oat meal.

A nutritionally complete hot meal perfect for breakfast. Always feel secure that you have a meal ready, now more convenient than ever before! Launching in delicious Berry Good flavour.

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Complete foods aren't always easy to explain to friends and family. And don't you sometimes feel a bit akward drinking a shake in public? Our mission is to make complete foods available to more and more people, so we've created Ready.

Ready is a new type of complete food. It's a complete instant oat meal. Meaning it has oats as its base but we've made it nutritionally complete, like you can expect from Queal. Not in a shake or bar, but in a bowl and with real pieces of fruit. By offering this more familiar - yet also still complete - meal we want to help even more people be ready for their day.

The perfect breakfast to get you ready for the day.

Queal Ready Berry Good starts with oat flakes and oat flour, which create a consistency that has a bite but is still quite smooth. Proteins out of peas, brown rice and soy make this mix of Ready a lot richer and more filling than traditional breakfast oat products. Freeze dried real cranberries and strawberries give the oats their colour, fruity taste, and great texture. Last but not least, sunflower- and linseed oils and our custom mix of vitamins and minerals are added to make the product complete in terms of healthy fats and micronutrients.

The product combines an already familiar, pretty normal meal with the concept of complete foods. Therefore, Ready is a low threshold way for people who'd like to eat complete but don't fancy shakes or bars. It's also for those who do like complete food shakes, but want to have a warm, chewable, alternative.

Ready is a warm nutritionally complete meal that just needs boiling water and a little stir.

Complete Nutrition

Contains all essential vitamins & minerals.

Plant-based Meal

Soy, rice & pea protein sources. 100% vegan.

A Tasty Hot Meal

Made and eaten in minutes.

High in Protein

26,6g of protein / 100g

Source of Fibre

6,6g of fibre / 100g

Low in Saturated Fats

1,4g saturated fat / 100g

12x Berry Good Single Serve (Early Bird)

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Get an extra high discount for being among the first to pre-order! This offer contains 12 cups of Ready Berry Good, 1 meal of 100g each.
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12x Berry Good Single Serve

€26,- (excl. shipping) 13% off
ships December 20th
This offer contains 12 cups of Ready Berry Good, 1 meal of 100g each.
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1x Berry Good Bulk Bag (Early Bird)

€16,- (excl. shipping) 20% off
ships December 15th
Get an extra high discount for being among the first to pre-order! This offer contains 10 meals of Ready Berry Good in a 1kg re-sealable bag.
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1x Berry Good Bulk Bag

€17,50 (excl. shipping) 13% off
ships December 20th
This offer contains 10 meals of Ready Berry Good in a 1kg re-sealable bag.
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20x Berry Good Bulk Bag (Limited Offer)

€260,- (excl. shipping) 35% off
ships December 15th
Get an extra high discount for buying a large quantity! This offer contains 200 meals of Ready Berry Good in twenty 1kg re-sealable bags.
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40x Berry Good Bulk Bag (Limited Offer)

€440,- (excl. shipping) 45% off
ships December 15th
Get a ridiculously high discount for buying a massive quantity! This offer contains 400 meals of Ready Berry Good in fourty 1kg re-sealable bags.
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Order €49 or more for discounted shipping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can buy as many Ready offers as you want.

If you buy from two tiers with different shipping dates, we will ship your order on the later date.

And if you want to order many Ready bags we recommend using one of the last two tiers for the most awesome discount.
You will still get your order!

If we don't reach the first goal, there will only be one flavour for now. And you won't know the second mystery flavour. So the more order, the merrier.

If we don't reach our second goal, then there will be no free cups for everybody. No Oprah moment. But we're confident that we together will reach this goal.
If the second flavour is unlocked, we will contact everybody that has pre-ordered to ask their flavour preferences.

You will be able to choose any number from either flavour. E.g. if you ordered 12 cups, you could receive 7 of Berry Good, and 5 of the second flavour.
We sell Ready in both a single-serve cup and a bulk packaging, containing 10 servings. For each serving (a whole single-serve cup or 3 scoops (100g) out of the pouch) we recommend using 200 millilitres of water. You can either add the water cold and microwave the mixture for about 2 minutes on 600W or add boiling water directly. Give your Ready a little stir, wait a minute or two before enjoying. It's also possible to simply eat Ready with cold water or milk.
Next to the rewards you can find the expected shipping dates.

The first batch (for the quickest backers) will be sent out on December 15th.
The second batch (for the rest of the backers) will be sent out on December 20th.

Shipping times can be found on the FAQ page.
We will start selling Ready after all the pre-orders are sent out (so order them now).

The price will be €2,50 for a single serve cup (100g) and €20,- for a 1kg (10 servings) bag.
Heavyweight double PE coated paper board.

This is recycable in some facilities/countries, but not all.
That is completely up to you.

It is safe to replace all meals with Ready and eat it 3-5 times a day, as there are no known health risks.

If you don't want to replace all your meals with Ready (which is most people), you can just replace your breakfast when you want to save time.

If you have/start a subscription you can change the amounts every month if you want to.
The Best-Before date is 12 months (November 2019 at launch), when unopened and stored in a cool, dark, and dry place.

If the bag is opened in a dry place, the best-before date doesn't change. Just be sure to properly close the bag again!

If mixed with water Ready is good for several hours at room temperature and a day and a half in the fridge. But we recommend enjoying it within a few minutes for the best taste!
Gluten, Soy, Egg*

*Only possible trace amounts, these aren’t ingredients of Queal (but some components are processed in the same factory where these sorts of products are also processed.).
We want to give all the value of our products directly to you and not use a costly middlemen to handle payments, platform, etc.

At Queal we can handle those aspects and don't believe that the extra value of being on such a platform will greatly help the promotion of Ready.

That being said, we do fully rely on word-of-mouth to make Ready a success. So don't be shy and send your friends a message on WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, slide into the DM on Instagram, or send someone a snail mail.