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Queal Shaker.

A perfect shake, every time.

The shakers are equipped with;

  • An ice grate to break up any possible lumps
  • A screw lid and cap
  • A milliliters and ounces scale
  • Volume: 800ml (27oz)
They are easy to clean by hand and they will fit in most (wider) cupholders in your car. Additionally, they are BPA-free and dishwasher safe, although we'd recommend simply rinsing by hand.

Queal Shaker - Teal
Queal Shaker - Orange
NOK24.31 per shaker
Queal Premium Shaker MOUS

Premium shaker.

Where design and functionality unite.

Next to the regular shaker, we’re offering a premium shaker for even more convenience – but also because of its slick style. The shaker is unbranded, but branded waterproof stickers are included.

This sleek MOUS shaker is the first of its kind in the Netherlands, exclusive to our customers. MOUS’ mission is to assist others to live a healthier, more active lifestyle with a simple desire to provide a healthier hydration and supplementation experience. Their shaker bottle is the first step to get closer to their goal.

  • BPA-free Tritan plastic
  • Bacteria and odor resistant
  • Leak-proof
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Volume: 720ml (24oz)

The sleek and functional design makes it easier to clean. It’s a modular bottle and it has a round, non-stick bottom. Also, the bottle is dishwasher and freezer safe.

Premium Shaker
NOK291.72 per shaker

Frequently Asked Questions

We started sending out stickers at random but when you order a MOUS shaker you'll be guaranteed to receive some Queal logo stickers to use. Please note that the sticker will come off if you place it in the dishwasher. We'd recommend sticking it on the white plastic part, and only putting the clear plastic section in the dishwasher.
We still provide Queal shakers with your first order or along with a Taste Tester. You'll randomly receive a teal or orange version. But when you'd like to receive customised orders, you're free to add a shaker of your choice to that order!
Of course we'd hate it if you can't use our shaker anymore. Email us at [email protected] and we'll work something out!
Yes, they do! The Queal shakers have an ml en oz scale on either side. The MOUS shaker has a scale with oz and ml in one. Because of its design, it's slightly covered but very clearly visible when you disassemble the shaker.
Well, no. Queal 5.0 should be mixable enough to use both types of shakers without a whisker ball. Look at this overview to see when your favourite flavour will be available in Queal 5.0!

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