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Be Ready
with Complete Meals

Complete meals with protein, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals.
Replace any meal you like, and get more out of your day!
Enjoy our Shakes (Queal), Bars (WundrBar), and Nootropic (Boost).

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Nutritionally complete food

Queal is a nutritionally complete meal, made for your convenience. Oats, soy, whey protein and more in one easy shake or bar. Be ready for every day with complete meals.


Andrey Germany Testimonial

"Queal is the best quick meal I have ever eaten. I love the quick preparation time and the taste is unbelievable!"

Jose Spain Testimonial

"With Queal you’ll find yourself doing more stuff in the time you were wasting in the past."

Charlie Denmark Testimonial

"Does its job perfectly. Been a user over 2 years now and like that Queal makes an effort in showing that they constantly improve themselves over time, seeing first hand their improvements over these 2 years. And now WundrBars too, this I like!"

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