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Smart Nutrition.

Complete meals for your convenience.
Replace breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and get more out of your day!

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Nutritionally complete meals.

You don't always take the time to make a healthy and proper meal. On average you will make an unhealthy, expensive, unsustainable food choice 9 times in a week. For those moments when you don’t have the time and want something better to eat, we’ve got your back. Our meals are quick and complete. So you will be ready for anything the day brings you.

No fuss. No worries. Just healthy food in a shake or bar.

A complete meal in a bar.

Never go out the door unprepared again!

Go for it

Perfect nutrition in a shake.

Common ingredients, extraordinary meals.

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Super quick and tasty.

Queal products are designed to be convenient. Grab a shake for breakfast or lunch and save yourself a lot of time! Time which lets you focus on what really matters; doing whatever you’re passionate about. Spend more time with family, get work done, or crush it at the gym. By making a small part of your life easier, you’ll be able to do so much more!

Learn more about how Queal can help you eat more conveniently.

Customizable to your liking.

Queal Steady shakes are great on their own, but there are a million other options. You can mix it with milk, mix two flavours together, make bread with Queal, make awesome smoothies, and much more.

Learn more about customizing your Queal meals.

Efficient and sustainable.

Changing what and how we eat is one of the most effective ways in which an individual can have a major positive impact on the environment. By choosing Queal, you’ll make a great leap in living more environmentally conscious, without necessarily noticing it.

We strive for a 0% waste, 100% recyclable, quick and healthy meal.

Learn more about how using Queal helps save the planet.

Trusted supplier of 2,500,000+ meals since 2014

Benefits of Queal.

Complete Nutrition

Always a balanced meal

Save Money

Beats almost any meal for price

Improve Health

Low in sugar, high in protein

Environmentally Friendly

Low impact production & zero waste

Deliciousness Guarantee

Don't like it, get a refund

Fast Shipping

Orders before 21:00 shipped same day!

Get smart about your complete food habits.

Changing the way you eat has more impact than you would think. When you order Queal, you gain access to your personal Queal Dashboard. It shows what impact your Queal use has on your health, wealth, and environmental footprint. Compare with friends, earn points and level up.

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