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The whats, whys and hows of vegetable oils in Queal.

14th May 2019

Everything you ever wanted to know about the vegetable oils in Queal meals! Read on to discover where our sunflower- and linseed oils are sourced, why we chose to use them and how they end up in our products.

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April 2019, new goals are set.

6th May 2019

At the beginning of this month, we've discussed new ideas and targets for 2019's Q2 and this past month - of course - we already started working on some. In this new improvements update we'll tell you about the outcomes of our customer interviews, a new social media campaign and more. Also, we'll share some sneak peeks of the redesigned GO bar foils and the new dashboard. Curious? Then read on!

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How consuming Queal has helped you save water and be more sustainable.

1st May 2019

Eating Queal comes with a lot of benefits. Next to the land freed, money saved, and oil not used for packaging, Queal can also save you water. In this impacts blog, we highlight how Queal helps you save water, how much we've saved together and what other things you can do to be more sustainable when it comes to your water-usage footprint.

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A new (vegan!) Limited Edition is here: Mighty Mango & Sweet Potato!

30th April 2019

99% chance you've never heard of this flavour combination before, but we promise it's a winner. The mildly sweet and slightly nutty flavour of real sweet potato powder perfectly pairs with the fruity taste of mango. Here at the office, we think Mighty Mango and Sweet Potato tastes like a smoothie, a nutritionally complete smoothie to be exact!

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How Krusli turns food waste into breakfast cereals.

26th April 2019

About two weeks ago we attended the Herofestival, a day full of inspirational speeches and opportunities to connect with other pioneers in the (Dutch) food and flower industry. Among speaking to a lot of other inspiring people, we connected with a company called Krusli this day. Krusli rescues grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits that would otherwise be thrown away, and uses this to create delicious (promise us, we’ve tasted them!) breakfast cereals. Interesting, right? Read on if you want to learn more!

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