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Introducing Queal Dog Chow.

26th March 2019

Our latest product is dropping at the beginning of April, Queal Chow for dogs.

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Our newest Limited Edition Buttermilk Blueberry Pancake is now available!

25th March 2019

Super! A brand new Limited Edition is now available in our webshop. Buttermilk Blueberry Pancake is a fruity, fluffy, and creamy Limited Edition flavour that is sure to brighten up your day!

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Essential minerals in our complete meals.

21st March 2019

In contrast to vitamins, not all minerals are essential for human health. Minerals can be divided into “macrominerals” and “trace elements”, the latter our body only needs in very small quantities. In this blog post, we’ll mention the minerals and trace elements that are considered essential, thus are present in our nutritionally complete meals. We’ll mention their names, what they do for your health, in which foods they’re regularly found and where they're sourced from in our meals. Let’s start!

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What we've accomplished in February 2019.

15th March 2019

A short month doesn't mean fewer things happened. Among other things, we have been able to launch our #quickie campaign, improve the Quealbot and lower the shipping costs for a few countries. Curious about all of our improvements in this month and the things we'll keep on working on in March? Then continue reading!

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Our newest Limited Edition Walnut Wonder is now available!

6th March 2019

Great, a brand new Limited Edition is now available in our webshop. Walnut Wonder is sweetish, delicate and well... nutty!

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