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A sweet and comforting Limited Edition - Sweet Honey

17th November 2021

Cosy up to the hearth with our new Sweet Honey Limited Edition flavour. A sweet warm natural honey flavour, simple but elegant.

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From flavour idea to a new Limited Edition, the process explained.

11th March 2021

The current Limited Edition process is one we have from around the beginning of 2016 when we shifted from our previous production location to the current one. In this blog post, we’d like to talk you through the journey a Limited Edition makes, from the idea for a flavour to the end product.

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The whats, whys and hows of vegetable oils in Queal.

10th March 2021

Everything you ever wanted to know about the vegetable oils in Queal meals! Read on to discover where our sunflower- and linseed oils are sourced, why we chose to use them and how they end up in our products.

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Personal growth enabled by Queal & Amplio.

18th June 2020

How coaching and complete meals help you achieve the most in life. Stop getting distracted and learn tools to help you become happier and focussed. Read on!

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Pricing Update Queal.

13th March 2020

After having the same price for our products for the last 3 years, we're adjusting them today to reflect a few changes. It pains us that the prices have to be raised, but we do recognize that in this way we can keep on providing complete meals, at a still very competitive price, far into the future.

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