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How Krusli turns food waste into breakfast cereals.

26th April 2019

About two weeks ago we attended the Herofestival, a day full of inspirational speeches and opportunities to connect with other pioneers in the (Dutch) food and flower industry. Among speaking to a lot of other inspiring people, we connected with a company called Krusli this day. Krusli rescues grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits that would otherwise be thrown away, and uses this to create delicious (promise us, we’ve tasted them!) breakfast cereals. Interesting, right? Read on if you want to learn more!

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All you need to know about maltodextrin and isomaltulose in Queal.

19th April 2019

After telling you all about the vitamins and minerals used in Queal meals the past two months, it’s now time to shift to the macronutrients again. More specifically, (part of) the complex carbohydrates present in your Steady shakes and Go bars. Since we shifted to our 5.0 recipe, the carbohydrates in Queal Steady come from a combination of oat flour, soy flour, isomaltulose and maltodextrin. The first two are covered in an ingredients post already, so now it’s time to cover all the what’s, how’s, why’s and where’s of the last two.

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This is what March 2019 was all about.

9th April 2019

Most of the things we’ve been working on in March were our bigger, ongoing projects like improving the Queal User Dashboard, fine-tuning the vegan version of our Dark Chocolate GO bar and the development of an eco-friendly packaging. We’ll continue to work on these projects in April and will keep you up to date. Of course, though, March was also about some exciting, smaller new things too. Want to know what we were up to? Then read on!

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How consuming Queal has helped you save money.

5th April 2019

Unlike with many other foods, Queal will leave you with zero food waste. In this blog, we will explain the economic impact of Queal versus other foods. We will talk about the money you can save and how large the food waste (at home) is at this moment. We end with some tips to prevent food waste.

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Another cool food innovation based on oats!

29th March 2019

It’s no secret that here at Queal, we’re big fans of oats. We get very excited every time we see a new oat-based food innovation passing by and remain surprised about the crop’s versatility. And although we have to admit this subject does not sound very appealing in the first place, it’s still something worth a post as the idea and technique used is just so ingenious. Ever heard about fermented oat cheese?

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