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No more calories to count

Meal replacement shakes can help you losing weight because they provide all nutrients you should be consuming in a meal, they are full of protein, they can support you in reducing calorie intake and they're very convenient.  Last week, evidence-based Authority Nutrition website published an article about how...

How to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions

We wrote about it last year and it hasn't changed in the meantime: Only 8% of people are successful in achieving their New Year's Resolutions. But if you are like the majority, you might be thinking about making New Year's Resolutions yourself (again and again)....

Real Future Food

What is the real future of food?

It is predicted that by 2050 there will be around 9 billion people to feed on our planet. With the current state of agriculture which relies mostly on non-renewable resources, we are still struggling to feed the current population and destroying natural environments in the...

Soy Soybeans Testosterone

Soy – Let’s clear up some stuff about Soy

Soybeans (soy) originate from East Asia and are a type of legumes (i.e. peas, beans, lentils). They are being produced all over the world and the soybeans in Queal are from within the European Union (EU). We use toasted full-fat soy flour. It's (like all our other...

Tinkering Thursday Part 5

Tinkering Thursday 5: TT Final Edition

In this fifth and (for now) final episode of Tinkering Thursday we go all out. We experiment with Banana Pancakes, make Fruits de Queal, and make a Spicy Chocolate Shake. Expect a full write-up of all the experiments and our judgement of how well they...

Productivity Hours Minutes

Why 1 Hour ≠ 4 x 15 minutes

Who is familiar with this problem? You plan on finishing the project you've been working on for the past few weeks. You just need a few hours to get things done, just one more chapter to write, or one more idea to crystallise. But as...

How we use Queal

How we use Queal

When the doorbell rings just before 9 AM we know for sure who is going to be there. With a bottle of Queal in her hand, Kala is always the first employee to show up at the office. And that doesn't mean she has to...

Protein in Queal

Protein – Why Queal is High in Protein

Hello awesome person! Today I’d like to talk about protein. I have received several interesting questions from customers regarding the quantity of protein in Queal, and about its effects on the body. I also want to debunk a myth that is going about regarding high-protein...


Potassium – Not only in Potatoes

Potassium - Find me on the periodic table Potassium is also known as Kalium. It's one of the nutrients that you can find on the periodic table. For everyone who wants to know, the atomic number is 19. The name is derived from potash, the ashes...

DIY soylent versus Buying Powdered Food

DIY soylent vs Buying of Powdered Foods

TL DR; buying is better for quality control, quantity and convenience (time). DIY on the other hand, gives you control, but you need to buy a lot to start with – the choice is up to you!   Should I make my own powdered foods?   Why buy soylent...