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Pulled Oats are here to stay!

12th October 2018

Hooray, we’ve got a new blog category! In this and the upcoming “Inspirations”-posts we’re going to share the stories of awesome people, cool products or innovative companies that inspire us. Today we’re starting off with a product that caught our attention because it has the same key-ingredient as our shakes, but has a totally different applicability… “Pulled Oats” by Gold & Green foods.

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Let's talk about whole grain oat flour!

6th October 2018

From today on, we’re going to share some interesting reads with you related to the ingredients in our products. We start off with whole grain oat flour, the main ingredient in our Steady shakes. Learn more about this ingredient, how we use it, and why we have chosen to use it as the basis of our recipes.

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Complete Food Survey 2018: the results are here!

5th October 2018

From the 19th until the 30th of September 2018, we ran the Complete Food Survey of 2018. Along with 13 other companies in the industry, we’ve gathered and analyzed opinions likes and dislike from current customers to be able to generate insights and serve them better in the future. Today, we’ve published this year’s results. Curious? Read on!

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An update about our Instant Oats.

4th October 2018

We’d like to share with you in this post what improvements we’re currently looking into and what the next steps in our product development will be.

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Improvements Timeline; We’re always looking to improve.

16th September 2018

Our brand and products are built on iterative design. We believe small improvements over time build up to something big. In this manner, we can listen to our customers and provide the product they want.

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