Simple and smart nutrition that's easy to add to your routine.

Queal is made to replace any meal, but not necessarily every meal. Imagine grabbing a shake as an alternative for an on-the-go meal, your breakfast, or lunch when you have a busy schedule.


It’s up to you to decide if you want to eat one, two or three meals of Queal. You can follow the instructions for the amounts of scoops, or use more or less. Use the slider below to find your perfect meal.


Next to mixing Queal with water, there are a million other options. You can mix it with milk, mix two flavours together, make bread with Queal, make awesome smoothies, and much more.

Smoothie Mix

Make a smoothie using Queal Steady as the base.
Add your favourite smoothie ingredients, like yoghurt.

Frozen Fruits

Create a nutritious slushie.
Blend in some frozen fruits with your Queal!

Fluffy Milkshake

Use milk instead of water.
All the deliciousness, none of the guilt.


Instant meal

Powder + Water = Complete meal.

Just a quick shake and you’re on your way.

A meal as large or small as you want.


Standard is our original and most popular version of Steady.


Athletic is our Steady variation with 60 grams of protein per meal.


Vegan is our most environmentally friendly Steady, free of any animal products.


Quick bite

On-the-go nutrition.

Keep one in your bag at all times.

Suitable as a large snack or small meal.

Dark Chocolate

Surprisingly tasty, rich chocolate bite.

Nuts & Apricot

Savoury, hearty, and crunchy deliciousness.


Breakfast Simplified

Complete instant oat meal.

Be ready for the day.

Just add (hot) water.

Berry Good

Freeze dried real cranberries and strawberries.

Tropical Today

Grated coconut, raisins, and mango & pineapple flavouring.

Complete Curry

The savoury meal you can make in a minute.


Secure your dinner

Hot curry for busy evenings.

Perfect for at home and on the go.

Finish your day strong.


Boost your productivity

Nootropic supplement.

Stay in a constant state of flow.

Deadlines will never loom over you again.

State-of-the-art nootropic

With a subtle raspberry flavour, Flow can be added to any drink (including Queal).