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A mocktail as a meal: Piña Colada Paradise is here!

16th August 2019

If you like Piña Colada... Well, then this new Limited Edition is the one for you! A creamy coconutty base and hints of juicy pineapple, yum!

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Tasting the winning Limited Edition ideas.

12th August 2019

In our last blog post about the Limited Edition Design Contest, we've mentioned the steps we were planning to take. Today, we wanted to quickly update about the sample-tasting step. If you're curious about how this works, then make sure to read on!

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Introducing Marvelous Mocaccino: caffeinated and vegan!

18th July 2019

Another vegan Limited Edition just hit our digital shelves: Marvelous Mocaccino. This flavour is an amazingly creamy combination of coffee and chocolate. Perfect to enjoy this summer as it tastes just like an ice coffee.

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All about the antioxidants in your Queal meals.

18th July 2019

Did you know that there's a tiny bit of rosemary extract in your Steady and Ready meals? In this new blog post, you'll read more about the function of antioxidants, why we use it in our products and where we source it from. Curious? Then read on!

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We present you: the 3 winners of the Limited Edition Design Contest!

17th July 2019

Yesterday, we announced the 3 winners of our Limited Edition Design Contest and contacted the creative masterminds. From now on, we will document about about each step of this exciting journey, starting with this blog post. Read on to discover about the winning flavours and the milestones to come.

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