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Our improvements and activities in 2018's festive month

11th January 2019

We have left the holidays behind us and, like the rest of the working world, we boot ourselves up - taking it easy. December is usually for us a quite uneventful month. But this year, it was far from quiet. Let’s guide you through our activities and improvements of last December.

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November's company update - a busy month.

10th December 2018

The launch of our newest product Ready, hosting an info-table at the Rotterdam Venture Cafe and an important pricing update. Read on to discover what we did last month and what we're currently working on.

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Pricing Update Queal.

26th November 2018

Today we've updated the pricing of Queal. Our goal for the update is to make the pricing more transparent and easier to understand. We've updated the shipping prices (lower for many countries), removed the confusing bulk discounts, and increased the subscription discount to 15%.

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Ace & Tate is "working on it" too.

24th November 2018

In Novembers inspirations post, we'll talk about the recent "We're not a sustainable company" post by Ace & Tate, a company that sells glasses. Curious? Then read on!

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October’s company update - customers feedback

24th October 2018

As you might have seen, we recently started our Queal improvement timeline. With this timeline, we want to keep you updated about both our past improvements and milestones as our current decisions and future steps to take. Every month from today on, we’re going to write an update on this but today we’re starting with a more general explanation.

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