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April 2019, new goals are set.

6th May 2019

At the beginning of this month, we've discussed new ideas and targets for 2019's Q2 and this past month - of course - we already started working on some. In this new improvements update we'll tell you about the outcomes of our customer interviews, a new social media campaign and more. Also, we'll share some sneak peeks of the redesigned GO bar foils and the new dashboard. Curious? Then read on!

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This is what March 2019 was all about.

9th April 2019

Most of the things we’ve been working on in March were our bigger, ongoing projects like improving the Queal User Dashboard, fine-tuning the vegan version of our Dark Chocolate GO bar and the development of an eco-friendly packaging. We’ll continue to work on these projects in April and will keep you up to date. Of course, though, March was also about some exciting, smaller new things too. Want to know what we were up to? Then read on!

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What we've accomplished in February 2019.

15th March 2019

A short month doesn't mean fewer things happened. Among other things, we have been able to launch our #quickie campaign, improve the Quealbot and lower the shipping costs for a few countries. Curious about all of our improvements in this month and the things we'll keep on working on in March? Then continue reading!

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What we've worked on in the first month of 2019.

4th February 2019

After December’s “depression”, January is known to be a month where we see a lot of new customers entering the Complete Food market. Our New Year’s Packages appeared to be the perfect solution for kickstarting the new year, either for our most loyal customers or for new Quealers getting to know our products. We started 2019 with a bang and we’re happy to sum up everything in this blog to show you what happened with Queal.

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Our improvements and activities in 2018's festive month

11th January 2019

We have left the holidays behind us and, like the rest of the working world, we boot ourselves up - taking it easy. December is usually for us a quite uneventful month. But this year, it was far from quiet. Let’s guide you through our activities and improvements of last December.

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