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How consuming Queal has helped you save water and be more sustainable.

1st May 2019

Eating Queal comes with a lot of benefits. Next to the land freed, money saved, and oil not used for packaging, Queal can also save you water. In this impacts blog, we highlight how Queal helps you save water, how much we've saved together and what other things you can do to be more sustainable when it comes to your water-usage footprint.

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How consuming Queal has helped you save money.

5th April 2019

Unlike with many other foods, Queal will leave you with zero food waste. In this blog, we will explain the economic impact of Queal versus other foods. We will talk about the money you can save and how large the food waste (at home) is at this moment. We end with some tips to prevent food waste.

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How consuming Queal has an effect on your blood sugar level.

21st February 2019

Like every other food, Queal affects your blood sugar level. Moreover, food is the number one reason for fluctuations in blood sugar. In this blog, we will explain all about Queal’s Glycemic Index, sugar contents, where the carbs in Queal come from and how this can contribute to a more stable blood sugar level and eating habits.

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Impacts of your Queal diet on packaging and the use of plastic.

1st February 2019

Packaging and its developments has had an immense impact on the food industry. The use of various techniques help us store, preserve protect and/or transport food in a better and more efficient way. But - unfortunatly - packaging nowadays also is a problem, mainly because of the materials we use and the way we deal with our waste. In this post, we'd like to tell you a little more about this topic in general, the way your Queal use has (postive) impacts and which improvements there are to make for us, as a company.

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#foodcanfixit, but how?

25th January 2019

This month’s inspirational post is about something you may have already heard or read something about, it might not be written to tell you something new. However, it is written to tell you something important, to keep on speaking up about the subjects of healthy food and its relation to a durable future. As we think that’s really important, and we hope (and secretly know) you feel the same way.

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