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The whats, whys and hows of vegetable oils in Queal.

10th March 2021

Everything you ever wanted to know about the vegetable oils in Queal meals! Read on to discover where our sunflower- and linseed oils are sourced, why we chose to use them and how they end up in our products.

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Trans fats - Not something you want to eat

26th August 2019

In most ingredient blogs, we've talked about the good things that are in Queal. But we've also got to talk about what we purposefully led out. I'm not talking about the normal fats, but trans fats. Let's take a look at what they are, why they are bad, and how you can limit your exposure to them.

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What you need to know about the natural flavouring in Queal.

16th August 2019

Natural flavouring is, among others, a helper ingredient in Queal. These helper ingredients, what’s in a name, assist us in making the Queal flavour and texture as optimal as possible. This month, we elaborate on why and how we make use of natural flavouring in Queal and what it is, exactly.

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All about the antioxidants in your Queal meals.

18th July 2019

Did you know that there's a tiny bit of rosemary extract in your Steady and Ready meals? In this new blog post, you'll read more about the function of antioxidants, why we use it in our products and where we source it from. Curious? Then read on!

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What about the sweeteners in Queal?

14th June 2019

We have arrived at the explanations of smaller ingredients in our products. They’re smaller in terms of quantity but certainly worth mentioning. The first of these “small” ingredients - but very often cited by customers or complete food users in general - are sweeteners. What are these sweeteners exactly and why do we use them in our recipes? Let’s elaborate!

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