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Ohoo makes packaging dissapear, litter-ally.

18th June 2019

Would it be possible to create a new kind of plastic? A non-polluting, natural material that we can start using in the exact same way? Well, that’s what Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez and Pierre Paslier asked themselves back in 2013. And now - just 6 years later - their environmentally friendly, fully compostable and even edible material replaced the regular plastic water bottles for 40.000 runners at the London Marathon. How cool! Skipping Rocks Lab - the company behind Ooho - definitely deserves to be written about in this Inspirations blog post.

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Better soil, better snacks (and food in general).

24th May 2019

It’s May already, time flies! For this month’s inspirational post, we decided to cover an innovative product that supports crop rotation. What? Yeah, not a topic you read a lot about! Curious about what Varietal Crop Crackers are and why we think they’re cool, then read on and get inspired.

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How Krusli turns food waste into breakfast cereals.

26th April 2019

About two weeks ago we attended the Herofestival, a day full of inspirational speeches and opportunities to connect with other pioneers in the (Dutch) food and flower industry. Among speaking to a lot of other inspiring people, we connected with a company called Krusli this day. Krusli rescues grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits that would otherwise be thrown away, and uses this to create delicious (promise us, we’ve tasted them!) breakfast cereals. Interesting, right? Read on if you want to learn more!

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Another cool food innovation based on oats!

29th March 2019

It’s no secret that here at Queal, we’re big fans of oats. We get very excited every time we see a new oat-based food innovation passing by and remain surprised about the crop’s versatility. And although we have to admit this subject does not sound very appealing in the first place, it’s still something worth a post as the idea and technique used is just so ingenious. Ever heard about fermented oat cheese?

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Food innovations that will help you raise your veggie intake, without even noticing.

1st March 2019

Vegetables are and have always been an important part of nutrition. They’re packed with a lot of valuable nutrients, are high in fibre, low in fats and can be surprisingly high in protein. Still, though, many people struggle with consuming enough vegetables. The reason for this can vary from person to person, but ignorance and poor eating habits, in general, are great driving factors. Then, some people - also the ones who do know about the importance - simply do not like the taste of vegetables and therefore struggle to consume them.

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