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This is what we improved in the winter of 2019.

6th January 2020

New Year's Revolution packages, Ready changes, the End of Agile, and more! Let us guide you through December 2019's improvements.

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All about the antioxidants in your Queal meals.

18th July 2019

Did you know that there's a tiny bit of rosemary extract in your Steady and Ready meals? In this new blog post, you'll read more about the function of antioxidants, why we use it in our products and where we source it from. Curious? Then read on!

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All the steps of developing a new complete meal: our road to READY.

20th May 2019

Last december, we've welcomed a new member to the Queal family: READY. To show you what the process of developing a new Queal product looks like, we've decided to put it all up in a blog post. And here it is: our road to READY!

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Queal Ready is now available

20th December 2018

After a successful period of pre-orders, and an amazing Ready Ride this morning, we're happy to announce that Ready “Berry Good” and “Carrot Break” are now both available in our webshop! We hope Ready will be a great, warm alternative if you were previously used to nutritionally complete shakes and bars, or that it will help you get introduced to the concept of complete foods in an easier and more low-threshold way.

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Let's talk about vegan proteins!

17th December 2018

A new month means a new ingredient to tell you everything about. Have you ever wondered what source(s) of protein we use in our vegan shakes, and what aspects were important before we decided which of the many options we wanted to use in our plant-based products? Well… then this post is written just for you!

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