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Introducing Marvelous Mocaccino: caffeinated and vegan!

18th July 2019

Another vegan Limited Edition just hit our digital shelves: Marvelous Mocaccino. This flavour is an amazingly creamy combination of coffee and chocolate. Perfect to enjoy this summer as it tastes just like an ice coffee.

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Let's talk about vegan proteins!

17th December 2018

A new month means a new ingredient to tell you everything about. Have you ever wondered what source(s) of protein we use in our vegan shakes, and what aspects were important before we decided which of the many options we wanted to use in our plant-based products? Well… then this post is written just for you!

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Queal Ready is now available for pre-order!

8th November 2018

We’re proud to announce the world’s first nutritionally complete instant oat meal, Queal Ready! Pre-orders for this amazing new product are now available. Go enjoy a great discount, be among the first to try it and help us launch with not one but two flavours!

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Pulled Oats are here to stay!

12th October 2018

Hooray, we’ve got a new blog category! In this and the upcoming “Inspirations”-posts we’re going to share the stories of awesome people, cool products or innovative companies that inspire us. Today we’re starting off with a product that caught our attention because it has the same key-ingredient as our shakes, but has a totally different applicability… “Pulled Oats” by Gold & Green foods.

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The Ultimate Plant-based Meal Replacements.

26th July 2018

Eating a healthy diet isn't always easy. Life sometimes gets in the way and time for cooking isn't always available. That's where plant-based meal replacements come in handy. They allow us to get all the nutrients we want, without taking up any of that precious time.

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