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Agile Phase-Out.

20th June 2019

We're phasing out STEADY Agile over the coming months. We're doing this because the production costs and stock maintenance are not possible any more with a falling (relative) demand for the product line. In the blog we go deeper into the reasons, show what the vitamins and minerals would be on the alternative, a 4,3 scoop (per meal) Standard diet, and when we estimate we will run out of Agile completely.

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Ohoo makes packaging dissapear, litter-ally.

18th June 2019

Would it be possible to create a new kind of plastic? A non-polluting, natural material that we can start using in the exact same way? Well, that’s what Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez and Pierre Paslier asked themselves back in 2013. And now - just 6 years later - their environmentally friendly, fully compostable and even edible material replaced the regular plastic water bottles for 40.000 runners at the London Marathon. How cool! Skipping Rocks Lab - the company behind Ooho - definitely deserves to be written about in this Inspirations blog post.

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What about the sweeteners in Queal?

14th June 2019

We have arrived at the explanations of smaller ingredients in our products. They’re smaller in terms of quantity but certainly worth mentioning. The first of these “small” ingredients - but very often cited by customers or complete food users in general - are sweeteners. What are these sweeteners exactly and why do we use them in our recipes? Let’s elaborate!

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Lovely Lemon Cheesecake is here (again)!

13th June 2019

For some Lovely Lemon Cheesecake´s return will come as a surprise, others noticed it was missing in our poll last January and were patiently waiting for this moment to arrive. Either way, it’s here now: the return of our beloved Limited Edition Lovely Lemon Cheesecake. Curious what it tastes like? Then read on!

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What we've been working on in May.

8th June 2019

Most of our time in May was spent on the preparations for our new Transparency Hub. Beside this, though, we’ve worked on making new videos for our Youtube channel, launched the Limited Edition contest and started sending out golden tickets. Also, we’ve been busy with improving our medium boxes. Curious about these topics? Then read on and discover what our May was all about.

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