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Queal Flow Jar


Gets you in the flow state.
Perfect for a productive day!

Increase your focus (Guarana + L-Theanine)
be less distracted
improve your reaction time
switch easily between tasks
Reduce anxiety (Ashwagandha)
lower your cortisol levels
Protect your brain (CDP-Choline)
CDP-Choline is neuroprotective and potentially enhances learning

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Queal Flow

A Nootropic like no other.

The Flow can be the perfect start of the day. Be your most creative self, make something meaningful, enjoy being in the zone.

Flow is a nutritional supplement (nootropic) that combines four ingredients: Guarana, L-Theanine, Cdp-Choline, and Ashwagandha. These carefully chosen ingredients will productively help you create meaningful work.

You can add a scoop to any drink (including Queal) and the Flow has a slight raspberry flavour. Forget about coffee, Flow is here to take you to the 21st century.

Guarana (10% caffeine) 875mg
Guarana image A fruit from a South American tree, dried and powdered

L-Theanine 200mg
L-theanine image An amino acid found mostly in green tea

CDP-Choline 250mg
CDP-Choline image A naturally occurring compound that the body converts to Choline and Cytidine

Ashwagandha 750mg
Ashwaghanda image An herb, often used in traditional Indian medicine

One jar of Flow contains 30 servings.
Flow is 100% vegan.

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