Efficient and sustainable nutrition that's good for the environment.

Our current food system isn’t sustainable. There is food inequality, excessive waste, and the healthier option is almost always more expensive. With Queal we want to make a positive change towards sustainability. We strive for a 0% waste, 100% recyclable, quick and healthy meal.

Changing what and how we eat is one of the most effective ways in which an individual can have a major positive impact on the environment. The graph below shows what various adjustments, big and small, do to your CO2 footprint.

Kilograms of CO2 saved per year.*

Compared to the average diet.

Don't eat meat 2 days in the week.


Prevent food waste.


Don't eat meat 4 days in the week.


Become a full-time vegetarian.


Become a full-time vegan.

*according to milieucentraal.

Sustainable Ingredients

100% nutrition, 0% food waste.
Significant water use reduction.

Food Waste Reduction

No more waste due to aesthetic reasons.
Shelf-stable with year-long expiration date.

Low Impact Packaging

Three meals in one bag.
Reusable and recyclable plastic pouches.

Sustainable ingredients.

The EU imports agricultural products mainly from countries like Brazil, the US, Indonesia, China, and India. That means loads of trucks and boats traveling all over the world, burning fossil fuels in the process.

Queal gets 99% of its ingredients from within Europe, drastically reducing the number of 'food-miles'.

Look around the map below to see where Queal gets its ingredients from.

Food waste reduction.

Switching to powdered food for some of your meals eliminates a lot of production waste coming from agriculture and livestock. Did you know that close to 15% of food is thrown away because of aesthetic reasons, and a further 25% is thrown out due to a passed expiration date?

Queal eliminates all of that. As it’s powdered, we don’t care whether the beets used were round, square, or triangular. And with an expiration date of a year, you’re not likely to throw any of it away.

This is good for the environment, as well as your wallet!

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Low impact packaging.

Queal Steady pouches are made of recyclable plastics. They are certified as code 7 (other) , which in The Netherlands and other western countries is accepted curb-side for recycling. Municipalities put in the effort to separate easily recyclable types back into its base types for full recycling. Where this proves impossible, they still recycle certain type 7 materials into non-consumption related useful things like mudflaps, cables, speed bumps, insulation, etc.

The reason our bags are made of this material is to make them airtight and strong, to guarantee a long-lasting powder. Our bags are in type 7 because it's actually a combination of two films. One Type 1 (21%), and one Type 4 (79%) plastic. Because it's a combination, it becomes a type 7 'other'.

Looking at the weight/volume/nutrition ratio, Queal’s packaging is quite unique. Where-else do you find three complete meals in a 20x30cm bag? Furthermore, because Queal comes to you as a powder, it saves on both transportation and packaging volume. Lastly, the box in which Queal arrives is made from recycled cardboard.

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Instant meal

Powder + Water = Complete meal.

Just a quick shake and you’re on your way.

A meal as large or small as you want.


Standard is our original and most popular version of Steady.


Athletic is our Steady variation with 60 grams of protein per meal.


Vegan is our most environmentally friendly Steady, free of any animal products.


Quick bite

On-the-go nutrition.

Keep one in your bag at all times.

Suitable as a large snack or small meal.

Dark Chocolate

Surprisingly tasty, rich chocolate bite.

Nuts & Apricot

Savoury, hearty, and crunchy deliciousness.


Breakfast Simplified

Complete instant oat meal.

Be ready for the day.

Just add (hot) water.

Berry Good

Freeze dried real cranberries and strawberries.

Tropical Today

Grated coconut, raisins, and mango & pineapple flavouring.

Complete Curry

The savoury meal you can make in a minute.


Secure your dinner

Hot curry for busy evenings.

Perfect for at home and on the go.

Finish your day strong.


Boost your productivity

Nootropic supplement.

Stay in a constant state of flow.

Deadlines will never loom over you again.

State-of-the-art nootropic

With a subtle raspberry flavour, Flow can be added to any drink (including Queal).