The winning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team from Breda, Holland.


This is where champions are made. A fast-growing gym where Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is central to the culture. Awards is what they win at every tournament, and Kemail Verhoeven, the owner of the gym is to “blame” for this.

Next to BJJ you can also practice Submission Grappling, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Boxing. Quality and fun are the two central pillars of the training at Renzo Gracie Holland.

For everyone who wants to become fitter, visit their website.

Thanks to Queal I am enabling my students to harvest enough energy to optimise their training in a quick and easy way.


Kemail Verhoeven is the owner and head coach of Team Renzo Gracie Holland and is a Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu black belt and is a product of the infamous Renzo Gracie gym in New York & Denville. Since 2009 he cultivates martial arts talent from his school in Breda, The Netherlands. Kemail combines his BJJ and (kick)boxing expertise with his MBA in Business while his wife, Maaike Verhoeven, has several accreditations as a Strength & Conditioning coach and is a nutritionist. Together they form a strong team that is able to train their students in a mental and physical way.


If you want to train on a recreational basis or on a world champion level, it all begins with taking in the right amount of macro- and micro-nutrients. This gives you enough energy to attend and maintain your training schedule. Kemail sees that his students tend to struggle to stick to the right form of diet for their training. Queal lowers this bar by offering a shake that has everything you need. Thus, filling the role as pre- and post-workout nutrition.



My ultimate goal is making my students better versions of themselves, in every way possible. Everyone who joins the gym has a specific intrinsic motivation. I want to add my knowledge and experience to this motivation in order to achieve the ambition of the student. This begins with getting enough energy through a healthy diet. Resemble it with a car. If you put the wrong kind of petrol in the tank, the car does not run that far and you might ruin the engine. For me, Queal is a quick and easy way to get the right kind of fuel within each of my students’ tanks.


Favourite Flavour


Funky Forest Fruits Athletic.


I love Fruit. By having this version of Queal I can combine the sweet and natural flavour of forest fruits with the extra protein that my boy needs.

I really like Morning Macchiato for your morning caffeine boost.


Luc is a very talented MMA fighter whom, after a successful amateur career in MMA & grappling, went professional. He currently is 1-1-0, with a submission victory over Jakob Meyer and a spectacular fight against former Scottish champion Iain Freeman, which unfortunately lost. He is now on his way back after suffering a collarbone fracture and a foot injury and is determined to get back in search for more professional wins within the MMA circuit.


2016 has become a year of personal growth and development after suffering his first major injury. In order to become a better version of himself, he focusses on healthy nutrition, a rigorous strength and conditioning programme and a lot of mat hours.



For me, Queal stands for certainty. They became my sponsor just before I got injured. During these months Queal proved to be a sustainable, quick and tasty meal replacement shake that helped me recover fast. I simply know that it keeps me fuelled and ready. I like to see Queal as a way to cheat my diet in a good way. I do not have to cook or go buy groceries. Instead, I simply pour myself a shake and know for a fact that I am getting all of the necessary nutrients.

Favourite Flavours.


Morning Macchiato for your morning caffeine boost and Cool Chocolate Athletic, because it is chocolate!

Queal comes close to being my all-in one energizing snack and meal.


Mike is a promising Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, Submission Grappling talent and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt at Team Renzo Gracie Holland who is on the verge of becoming a pro athlete. Since his first BJJ class back in 2009, he is intent on becoming an MMA Champion. This by continuous development of his skill set as a fighter and as a coach.


Mike is fully aware that a good and healthy diet is the standard in helping him to achieve his ambition. Queal is coming to his aid by supplying him a quick and tasty meal in order to stay at the top of his game during his time working within the security industry, his Safety & Security Management study route and his time on the mats.



Because of Queal, I do not have to think more than I have to about my diet. Following a strict and healthy diet is not an easy thing to do. You have to know what you eat, carefully prep your meals and keeping yourself up-to-date on supplements and nutrition.


For me, Queal is the ideal all-in-one snack for when I simply do not have the time to eat my regular meals. The only thing I have to do is mix my Queal with water and presto! I have all the RDI that I need.

Favourite Flavour


Queal Cool Chocolate Athletic;


Simply stated, I really like my chocolate. If it was possible to live on sweets alone, I would be the first in line. Unfortunately, the results would be devastation if I did just that. Queal however, comes close to being my all-in one energizing snack and meal.

Queal helps me to lose weight responsibly.


Sophie is the European Champion of 2014 and has been active on a World Champion level at the 2014 Abu Dhabi World Championships. She confesses that she is a total addict when it comes to BJJ and that she is on and around the mats 5 or 6 days a week (on average). Which is quite bizarre if you take into account that she has a full-time job as a financial consultant.


In the beginning of 2016, Sophie got promoted to Purple Belt and since then took the division by storm, winning the BJJ Dutch Open and the HBN Grappling competition.


Last February she began building her dream and developed herself into the leading lady of the Team Renzo Gracie Women’s Only classes. Her targets are sharp as they are ambitious. On one hand she wants to revenge herself to her second round loss at the worlds, and on the other hand, she wants to develop a strong women’s division that ultimately helps the sports itself on a global scale.



When I am preparing for a new tournament or match I need to lose 2 kg of body weight. This so I am able to perform at my utmost best. Queal is helping me a lot during this period of time. A couple of weeks prior to the tournament I begin to replace my breakfast and/or dinner with a shaker of Queal. By doing this, I am fuelling myself in such a way that I am still able to receive and use all of my energy during training, and lose weight at the same time.


Favourite Flavour


I can recommend Cool Chocolate and Smooth Vanilla to everyone. These flavours I simply like best.

After a busy day at work, I just fill-up my shaker with Awesome Apple Pie Athletic and I can go on for hours.


Success is the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted. If there is someone who lives by these words, it has to be Reinier de Ridder. He is the prodigy of the Renzo Gracie Holland Academy and an all-around martial arts phenomenon. The current BJJ Purple belt is the proud owner of several Abu Dhabi World Professional titles, national(s) titles and is on a 3-fight win streak in his professional MMA career (3-0-0). Finishing all of his opponents by submission.


Together with his significant other, Reinier owns a physiotherapist practice in Breda in which he frequently patches up his training partners and getting everyone inside and outside the Renzo Gracie Academy the professional care that they deserve.




I am a person that does not know when or how to sit still. I want to create more training time for myself. Considering that, I have a very busy schedule being a physiotherapist and a professional MMA & BJJ practitioner, thus I want to grab every minute of time that I can. Queal helps me to achieve that. I do not have to think about what and when to eat. After a busy day at work, I just fill-up my shaker with Awesome Apple Pie Athletic and I can go on for hours.
Furthermore, Queal helps me to recover from training. It is a really good post-workout drink.


Favourite Flavour


Awesome Apple Pie Athletic

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