Thank you for considering spreading the word about Queal. We’re a small start-up that is improving healthy eating habits through optimal nutrition. And I, Floris, believe that you are our best chance of reaching that goal. A great product is only half of the equation.


It may sometimes be challenging to convince your friends of the benefit of our products. But at the same time, many people are intrigued by the novelty of this new category of food. If you decide to share a message about Queal, you’ll see that your friends respond positively.


Do it in your own way. You can share our message in any way you like. Everyone is unique and you might be on WhatApp, Slack or Gmail (or even see people face-to-face 😉 ). So, I hope you’ll share your personal experiences with your friends, or use one of the messages below.


Together we can change the world. I have confidence in you!


Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Innovation isn’t an overnight success. Innovation happens when people collaborate. Innovation happens gradually.


Only a relatively small number of people know about our new vision on food. Our challenge is to spread the word about complete meals. Together with you, I believe we can reach millions of people.


You’re an innovator. You’re a person who has taken a leap of faith, you stand out from the crowd. Thank you for taking the first step.


I encourage you to talk about Queal, about complete meals, about optimal nutrition. Share our philosophy, share your experiences. Together we can attack this challenge and cross the chasm.

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