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Challenging Work Habits Header

Challenging Your Work Habits

This blog is part of our Total Life Optimisation series that explores productivity, nutrition, futurism and all other topics around effective living. What if I told you that you are living most of your life on autopilot? Would that scare you, amaze you, surprise you? Or...

5 Reasons Guarana Rocks

5 Reasons Why Guarana Rocks

Guarana is the cool new kid on the block, the unknown brother of caffeine, who is ready to take over the spotlight. You may ask why? It's because guarana is caffeine with a positive effect on learning and cognition. And it's just as natural as...

Caffeine – The Worlds Favourite Drug

I felt like I could take on the whole world. When I left my apartment I was ready to rumble. A quick ride to the gym ensued and minutes later I was lifting heavier weights than ever before. The workout was glorious and a HIIT-training...