First 3.0 Reactions

First Queal 3.0 reactions

Hello everyone! We were very excited to launch Queal 3.0 last month. We made all the improvements especially for you and we were curious about your feedback and reactions to the new version. You have really impressed us with your positive reviews, comments and reactions throughout the last month. It was really amazing to see both our loyal and new customers enjoying Queal 3.0! We knew that you would love some of the improvements, like implementing the oil into the powder, and the new packaging, but we were also positively surprised by some of your feedback. Here is a compilation of reactions and comments we have collected only in July. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

/u/boerbiet on Reddit said:

“Queal 2.0 tasted somewhat powdery. I’m not sure how to say it otherwise… grainy, perhaps? Anyway, I liked it, but it seemed to be one of the complaints I read about the most. In Queal 3.0, this is no longer the case. In fact, this is the smoothest soylent I’ve had thus far. Granted, I mostly use a blender so your mileage may vary when shaking manually, but there’s still quite a difference when compared to other soylents; I really like this improvement. […] Still the tastiest soylent I’ve had, with apple pie and chocolate + peanut being my favourites.”

Read the full review here on Reddit.


Our Twitter page has been very active since the big changes!

It all started with some speculations and curiosity but soon the first new Queal orders were delivered and the testing started 😀


We have also received a lot of positive feedback in the review section of our page:

“Excellent, a pleasure, actually delicious. I’ve tried others and found it a chore to drink but not Queal, smooth, easy and tasty. Makes it very easy to recommend to others.”

“It’s pretty good, I am almost craving my next shake. I drink Queal every morning and evening and I feel good.”
-Matthias Wund

“All contact with Queal works well. Lots of options when buying, different versions and lots of different tastes and fast shipping.The product works great. So I am really happy about Queal and intend to continue using their product for many years.”

“Great concept and great execution! Queal quickly became a part of my lifestyle. Keep up the good work.”
-Kalin Bozhanov

We are very proud of Queal 3.0 and your positive feedback only encourages us to improve and innovate even more! Thank you for your support and for helping make this possible. Remember that we are always eager to hear your opinions and feedback in order to improve and meet your needs the best, so don’t hesitate to contact us or leave reviews of our products and service!

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