How we use Queal

How we use Queal

When the doorbell rings just before 9 AM we know for sure who is going to be there. With a bottle of Queal in her hand, Kala is always the first employee to show up at the office. And that doesn’t mean she has to get up too early, she just makes a shake in the evening and drinks it on the train.


And that’s what we love about Queal, the convenience and security of having a complete meal without going through the motions of cooking (and grocery shopping). Onno and Floris (founders of Queal) drink Queal twice a day, one for breakfast and one during lunch. And when we’re working late hours, we might even shake one up for dinner. Here are some of our experiences with Queal:


Kala Anaya


To be honest I didn’t know complete meal replacement shakes existed before I saw the position of Marketer at Queal. If I had known that it existed I would have been the very first person to buy it. So during my interview, I said to Onno and Floris, no matter what the outcome, I will definitely be drinking Queal.


I like shakes, it’s that feeling that shakes are nutritious that appeals to me. I’m no hero in the kitchen (but I’m not terrible either, let that be clear), so having Queal two times a day helps me eat healthy without effort. It’s kind of strange, but I also like the texture of the shakes, it’s a bit grittier than smoothies or milkshakes, just perfect for me. And don’t start me about the flavours, they all are just fricking awesome.


Did I already mention that I can sleep in for 10 more minutes because I drink Queal during my commute? All in all, Queal has been a great product for me and I believe it can be too for you!


Onno Smits


In July 2014 I was the very first person to try out Queal, I’ve been hooked on my own product ever since. To start off, my favourite flavours are Awesome Apple Pie and Crazy Chocolate Peanut, they never get old. For the last year I’ve been drinking Queal two times a day and I’ve never felt better. I think (ok, I know) that the energy balance in Queal is made so that you have both fast and slow carbs and therefore will feel energised throughout the day, that’s awesome.


Between September and October 2014 I wanted to lose some weight, but at the same time didn’t feel like counting calories or actually put in any other effort. That’s when I drank Queal for all my three meals per day. This combined with some light running three times a week enabled me to lose 5kg in one month. It hasn’t come back.


Currently, I eat Queal for breakfast and lunch. I use it to save time in the mornings and efficiently keep working in the afternoon. For dinner, I like to take some time to cook, but also know that a pizza every while won’t kill me. To conclude, I love to use Queal and will be using it for a very long time.


Felipe de la Cruz


During my first day at Queal I tried the Cool Chocolate flavour, it remains my favourite to this day. I’m not too much into very sweet flavours and the neutral and light flavouring in Queal definitively works for me. Sometimes I do find it difficult to drink a whole shake in the morning, I always feel full after 3/4th and I guess that’s a good thing.


I’ve been involved with some other companies that do import and export and the first thing I wanted to know is where the ingredients come from. Now I know that all ingredients are from the European Union and are all non-GMO, I know it’s a good product.


I come from Spain and food is very big in our culture. Once every while I let my brother send over real tapas, but for all the other moments Queal is a great solution. From friends back in Spain, I also hear that Queal gives them a complete meal when they don’t have enough time.



Floris Wolswijk

MSc in Industrial & Organisational Psychology. Floris has started two companies before. In his student life, he was President of his Study Association and Director of a Student Strategy Consultancy. He participates in obstacle runs and has energy for two. Getting the right things done is what he gets up for in the morning.

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