Customs and Borders

Queal and Customs

Your powdered meal (soylent) is, well, a powder, and you’re taking it through customs. So what can you expect and is there anything to be worried about? Here is our experience with taking it through customs.


Soylents and Customs

Getting Queal through customs is as easy as it gets. In the last two weeks, I’ve taken 6 flights, all going through the United States and had no trouble taking Queal with me.

One of our earliest customers flew back and forth between Rotterdam and London twice a week and he had no problems taking Queal with him. So I knew that it should pose no problem, but hey – you are bringing a large amount of powder through customs.

After careful reading of the US government rules and regulations on bringing food, I brought my Queal along. On a side note, someone I knew who brought in an apple (the food) got a very large fine after being so smart to eat it before leaving the customs area (apples are not allowed in, just like other fruits, vegetables and most perishable foods).

Whilst on vacation I got to enjoy my Queal on the sunny beach of Samara and on a hike through the mountains near the Buena Vista Lodge (both in Costa Rica). Most of the meals were included in the trip, but on these moments of relaxation, I sincerely enjoyed my Queal for both the taste and the utter convenience it provided me with.

But that’s enough for the self-promotion and boosting about vacations. To conclude it’s very much ok to bring Queal along on your flights. Do you have any experiences from this summer of flying with Queal?

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