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Why sleeping isn’t overrated

On an average base, we sleep 32 years of our lives. That's around and around one-third of our lifetime. This might sound like an unnecessarily amount of time, but it's definitely not a waste of time.  On the contrary, having too little sleep will decrease your productivity....

5 ways to boost your mind with exercising

A lot of people exercise to become fitter, lose weight or strengthen their muscles. But do you know that working your body's muscles also actually benefits your grey matter? This overview might help you choose the best ways of exercising to optimise your mind for specific...

Doing Less, Lets You Achieve More

"Achieving more by doing less" sounds the same to me as "getting rich while sleeping". It seems like it allows you to have the perfect working life. For me, and several other people on this earth, achieving more by doing less seems to be out...