DIY soylent versus Buying Powdered Food

DIY soylent vs Buying of Powdered Foods

TL DR; buying is better for quality control, quantity and convenience (time). DIY on the other hand, gives you control, but you need to buy a lot to start with – the choice is up to you!


Should I make my own powdered foods?


Why buy soylent (powdered foods) when you can make it yourself? In this article, we ask you the question and provide you with some tools to deciding what is the right answer for you. There are benefits and downsides to both and it depends on your personal situation, what best suits your needs – DIY or Buying powdered foods.


Why make your own DIY?


Costs and control. Buying powdered foods is very convenient, but stepping into the driving seat also has its benefits. Let’s start with costs. You will only have to pay for the ingredients, nothing more, nothing less. There are no marketing costs, extra shipping fees or profit margins to feed. Then control. Some providers of powdered foods (like Queal) offer you choices, but these are mostly limited to 3 or 9 at a max. By making your own powdered foods you can determine exactly what goes into it. Are you an Olympic weightlifter or want a coconut & banana flavour, you decide.


Three things may hold you back from making your own, 1) time, 2) quality control and 3) size. Making your own powdered foods may save you money per meal, but that doesn’t account for the time you spend on researching and making it. Mixing may be quite tedious and without some experience, you may end up with some unbalanced meals. Also, have a place ready to store your DIY powdered foods, but don’t worry you can get resealable bags at most grocery stores. The last drawback is size, for some ingredients you have to buy large! One of the ingredients we use in Queal, we only use 1 bag for 2000 days of food. If you are making your own, you may end up with some ingredients that will be left over.


So making your own DIY may be a good idea if you are up for the challenge. If yes, then please enjoy the following video of Chris Bair mixing his own


Why buy powdered foods?


Queal, our version of Soylent (powdered foods), ships within one day and gives you a choice of 8 flavours (you can choose multiple), 3 diets (Lite, Standard, Athletic) and exactly how many meals you want. Convenience is the best selling point for buying your powdered foods. Other benefits include quality control (most companies mix it very rigorously), size (no more leftovers) and again time – you won’t have to get your hands dirty.


Two downsides are associated with buying powdered foods. The first is that most companies have long shipping times, you might have to wait for 2 weeks or more to get your hands on the product. The second is taste, you may not like it. Everyone has their own distinct preferences for taste and they may not coincide with that of a company or their testers. When ordering from Queal or any other provider, always keep in mind that your taste may differ, but that it can also be an opportunity to do a little DIY by adding some flavouring yourself!


To conclude


Whatever your choice is, it’s a good one. We believe eating powdered foods is much better than eating junk food or having an unbalanced diet. By making some DIY or buying from a provider, you take back control over your food. So go out there and be awesome!


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