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DIY soylent versus Buying Powdered Food

DIY soylent vs Buying of Powdered Foods

TL DR; buying is better for quality control, quantity and convenience (time). DIY on the other hand, gives you control, but you need to buy a lot to start with – the choice is up to you!   Should I make my own powdered foods?   Why buy soylent...

Soylent Eater Survey 2016 Header

Soylent Eater Survey – The Results are in!

Over the past two months, a large-scale survey investigating the new modern drinkable meal market was performed. The results are incredibly interesting for consumers, companies, and the media alike. Just like last year, the survey was an international cooperation between various companies in the industry, spearheaded...

Create More Header

There is so much more to life.

Every day has 24 hours in it. Yet we always seem to have more things on our plate than what we can get done. We want to spend more time at home, get some more work done, maybe even sleep in a bit longer. Of all...

4 Things We’ve Been Reading This Week

4 Things We've Been Reading This Week Total Health Magazine - Soy Protein: Misconceptions and Benefits for Men Popular myths about soy are debunked, while potential health benefits are discussed at length.   Business Insider UK - There's a Totally New Way to Genetically Modify Our Food The differences between...

Queal 3.0

Queal 3.0

Hey there awesome person! You've likely come here to learn all about our latest update to the Queal recipe; Queal 3.0 This blog will describe the changes as compared with Queal 2.0, our recipe for the past few months. It’ll discuss the nutritional-, as well as the...

Start of Queal

The Start of Queal

Update: Current Queal is at version 4.0, let's keep on innovating!   "What if we could replace food with a shake that has a perfect mix of nutrition?" That is the question Onno Smits and Floris Wolswijk, founders of Queal had in June 2014. Since humans were already...

Queal Launch New Meal

Queal Launch

Queal is launching today! An improved recipe, new delivery service and a new office are but a few of the improvements we've made over the last few weeks. After a very successful pre-launch, we are now launching for real.   Product   The feedback from our enthusiastic testers has...

Queal Launch Header

Queal – Your new meal!

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. - Hippocrates   What if you never had to cook again? What if you could combine taste and health without become a professional cook or spending ages in the kitchen? What if you could do this for less...