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There is so much more to life.

Every day has 24 hours in it. Yet we always seem to have more things on our plate than what we can get done. We want to spend more time at home, get some more work done, maybe even sleep in a bit longer. Of all the great things that the 21st century has brought us, time certainly isn’t one of them. Every day we are faced with a limited amount of time. On a sunny day we can go out for a drink, go for that long overdue run, or maybe work on something at our house. But more likely we are stuck at work and have to cram all the fun things into the weekend. Our time for the great things in life is limited.

Every day we want to create more, while several factors keep us away from achieving it.

Queal helps you create more with a quick meal.

The lack of time, energy, or nutrition should never be an excuse to not live a great life. At work, home, the gym, or anywhere else, you want to be at your best. Have some more time in the morning to talk to your loved ones. Play music in the evening because you’re home earlier. Or work on your start-up without having to subsist on pizza and ramen. We want to make a small part of your life easier and enable you to create so much more. We want to support you in making the best out of life.

We are very much aware that Queal replaces a complete meal. There are a lot of interesting things to say about the nutrition and ingredients, and we very much encourage people to do so. But what really makes us tick, what gets us out of bed every morning, is that Queal enables you to do things.

We get inspired by people who create more.

Create more with Queal.

We practice what we preach and everyone at the office drinks Queal. Kala lives in Leiden and our office is located in Rotterdam. But this doesn’t mean she has to get up before dawn. With a quick mix in the morning, Kala drinks Queal during her commute. She doesn’t have to face rush hour on her way back because she creates more free time by drinking Queal.

One of our very first customers is Patrick, husband and a father of two young girls. He works in consulting and is used to making long hours. For already 1,5 years he uses Queal to replace his lunches. Nowadays he comes home 30 minutes earlier. He creates more time to spend with his kids. One of our more recent customers is Jasper, who manages a 50 hour work week in commercial sales. There’s more to Jasper than meets the eye though. He is also a dedicated triathlete, and spends his minimal free time training in support of his active lifestyle. He uses Queal to replace most of his meals, and particularly enjoys drinking it after a tough work-out. Jasper has created more time to dedicate to his active, athletic lifestyle.

What does Queal enable you to do more of? Let us know in the comments below or share your story on our forum!

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Lieke van Wilpen

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