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Doing Less, Lets You Achieve More

"Achieving more by doing less" sounds the same to me as "getting rich while sleeping". It seems like it allows you to have the perfect working life. For me, and several other people on this earth, achieving more by doing less seems to be out...

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There is so much more to life.

Every day has 24 hours in it. Yet we always seem to have more things on our plate than what we can get done. We want to spend more time at home, get some more work done, maybe even sleep in a bit longer. Of all...


Riboflavin – The Yellow Vitamin

Riboflavin, or formally Vitamin G Riboflavin is also known as Vitamin B2, Vitamin G, or Lactoflavin. The name Riboflavin comes from "ribose" (the sugar where it's structure comes from) and "flavin" (which is a 'ring-moiety' which actually is yellow coloured). If you see a vitamin supplement that...